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Your Essential Packing Guide to Embark on Your Giggle Goddess Adventure

Jun 18, 2021

Before I dive in, I’m sure you have questions. Like, what the heck is a Giggle Goddess Adventure?

I’m soooo glad you asked, because this adventure and the 411 I give you today is dear to my heart. 

First of all, a Giggle Goddess Adventure is your own personal hero’s journey as an Empath. The term Goddess doesn’t refer to your gender or identity: Goddess is an energy and a feeling of the fullness of you, your True Self. 

A Giggle Goddess Adventure is a self-empowerment journey to remember who you are. 

A Giggle Goddess Adventure is a journey to unlock your inner self-expression, feeling carefree as a child running through the grass!

A Giggle Goddess Adventure is a journey to harness your vitality and creativity so you can take action towards your dreams. 

“Giggling until tears roll down your face;

Smeared in finger paint; 

Without a care in the world”

Ok, are you with me now? 

Essential Giggle Goddess Adventure Packing...

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Is Clutter Keeping You from Sharing Your Brilliance?

Jun 08, 2021

Last week we talked about ways to declutter your mind, body and soul as a sensitive empath.


Today we talk about how clutter effects your life, specifically mind clutter. What would be possible if you weren’t paralyzed by it?


Imagine what kind of world we would have if you shared your brilliance.


What would change if you could share your emotional intelligence, foster creativity and open hearts?


For example, your art convinces others to see and feel the plight of others and TAKE ACTION to donate money to projects that create ACTUAL CHANGE.


Or your book lifts the hearts of others and brings about a MOVEMENT towards justice for marginalized people.


What if your speech or Ted Talk rallies people to TAKE ACTION AND STOP cruel factory farming practices?


Now think about all the worrisome, disturbing or distracting thoughts that circle around your head on a daily basis. Can you share your brilliance when your mind is overflowing with...

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My Favourite Unique Way to Declutter (especially if your clutter isn't just stuff)

Jun 03, 2021

Spring cleaning season is here in the Northern Hemisphere!

The blossoming flowers, hummingbirds and fresh breezes of Springtime encourage us to refresh our surroundings. What better way to refresh than to de-clutter?


Clutter is anything that fills a space with chaos. You can clutter your home with useless, unnecessary or intrusive things. 


But have you thought about other types of clutter?


You can clutter your energy with the unresolved emotions of others (or yourself). 


You can clutter your mind with worrisome thoughts


In other words, clutter is the opposite of spaciousness and creativity and peace of mind.

Having clutter in your mind or energy can lead to feeling out of sorts, irritable, confused, disoriented, unfocused and lost. It can trigger self-doubt from feeling lost and confused. When you feel lost and confused you feel stuck. If you’re stuck you can’t accomplish anything. 


I find that sensitive empaths...

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Overwhelm Hack: Stop Fearing Space

May 27, 2021

Being overwhelmed feels like dealing with a disorienting, confusing amount of stimulus swirling around you. 


You don’t know if you’re coming or going. 

You don’t know what day it is. 

And you can’t make a decision because you don’t know what to focus on. 


Sound familiar? 


As a sensitive empath you probably experience these feelings and thoughts quite often. 


Have you ever wondered why you are prone to this level of overwhelm, so often?


Working with hundreds of clients around the world and navigating my own challenges as an empath have brought me to this answer. The number one reason, or the root cause of your overwhelm is this: 


Fear of spaciousness. 


Say what??!


Let me explain. When I say fear of spaciousness, I’m not referring to something like the anxiety disorder called Agoraphobia which causes people to fear open spaces (among other things). 

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The Real Story Behind Being a Responsible Adult

May 20, 2021

There is an epidemic in the world of sensitive empaths and it’s not a virus. I hear this mantra time and time again from clients all over the world: It’s my fault. 

It’s my fault that I’m not in a relationship.

It’s my fault that I don’t have my dream job. 

It’s my fault that I can’t break out of my cycle of anxiety.


What you are really saying is: 

Something is wrong with me. 

I can’t have what I want. 

I don’t deserve it. 

I’m not worthy of xyz because it’s my fault, my fault, my fault.

Of course, I know that we are in the driver’s seat of our own life and we need to take action and be a willing participant in our own lives. But we don’t want to debilitate ourselves with overwhelming criticism and blame right out of the gate.  

Because what all these lovely sensitive souls do to themselves is take on extreme levels of ...

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What House Hunters Show Can Teach Us About Overwhelm

May 11, 2021

Are you making space for yourself: mentally, physically and emotionally?

One of the fastest ways to get overwhelmed is to fill your entire space with stuff. This happens when we have a cluttered environment, but it also happens when our internal self is cluttered. Imagine how messy it gets when the clutter isn’t even yours!

Think of the popular show House Hunters: a wildly incompatible couple wants to purchase their dream home. They tour a potential house and the first thing they say is: “I don’t like the paint” or “It’s not really my style.”

The point the show can never seem to get across is that they aren’t moving into a house filled with other people’s stuff. Or are they?

As a sensitive empath, how much of your mind, heart and internal self is filled with other people’s furniture and décor?

Take inventory:

1) How much of your thoughts are about other people, what they think of you or worrying about them

2) How...

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You, an Energized and Carefree Empath

May 04, 2021

When you read the title of this blog post, did you ask yourself, “is this a joke?!” 

I would totally understand if you did. We don’t normally string the words energetized+carefree+empath together.


More likely it's exhausted+overwhelmed+sensitive. 


And throw in a little bone weary+at your wit’s end, while you’re at it. 


I get it. I was a hot mess Empath for years. Most of the time I felt like I was dragging my body around like a lead suitcase, even with tons of sleep. My mind would not get quiet for even one minute. Thoughts seemed to have a mind of their own as they played tug of war in my brain cavity. 


But I’m here to tell you that 1) you have a power in being sensitive that you have not currently tapped into 2) you absolutely CAN be energized and carefree as an Empath


Today I’m going to give you some food for thought that will change your perspective and help you shift the power in...

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Here's a Quick + Powerful Way to Overcome Overwhelm (For Sensitive Empaths)

Apr 28, 2021

It’s the end of Stress Awareness Month in April and we’re heading into Mental Health Month for May. Two perfect segues into my topic: overwhelm. Let's discuss.


What is Overwhelm?


The basic definition is: to be too much to deal with.


More importantly though, how do we experience overwhelm?


For me, overwhelm feels like an ascending tornado of energy that starts at your feet and consumes your whole body, with building force as it makes its way up to your head. 


Here are some of the symptoms of overwhelm that I’ve noticed in myself and the experiences that others have described:


  • Cloudy, brain fog, not knowing your “whereabouts” (not literally), whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually

  • Confused, can’t find the beginning or the end of the situation or circumstance or problem

  • Behind the eight ball, impending “deadline” of some kind that feels impossible to meet

  • Not...
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Sensitive Person PSA: #1 Reason You Feel Tired All the Time (And Powerful Tips to Shift this Pattern)

Apr 19, 2021

April is Stress Awareness month and I can’t think of a more stressful experience than being tired all the time. You drag yourself through your day, you have various aches and pains and you never get to your heartfelt, exciting goals. 


You miss out and your days blend together until another year passes and you’re no closer to writing your book, starting your business or traveling to your dream locale. 


I will mention the elephant in the room: get restful sleep, eat nourishing food, drink plenty of water, move your body and practice good sleep habits. For some of you reading this who have done all the obvious things and still feel exhausted and soul weary, read on. 


As a sensitive, empathic person you feel things very deeply. Not only do you feel what you’re feeling with a great intensity, but you also feel what your family and friends are feeling. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that your first instinct...

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Inner Child Healing: Confessions of a Middle-Aged Woman

Apr 06, 2021

Few things bring me bigger joy than tiny toys. 


Have you ever picked up a miniature chair that a craftsperson lovingly designed with tiny tools? 


There is something so incredible about the skill, precision and artistry of this profession. Is the Making of Tiny Things a course being offered somewhere? How does one even get into that?!


The best memory I have of my childhood is when my Papa who was a very gifted cabinet maker/woodworker presented me with a handmade dollhouse. I couldn’t wait to fill it with tiny furniture, tiny dolls and all the accoutrements of the little doll world.


I went with my Nana to a small shop in Gastown located in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. We picked out tiny teacups and saucers, tiny chairs and a capsule wardrobe for the tiny occupants of my new dollhouse. 


I can’t even count the amount of hours I spent picking things up in the dollhouse and “playing house” as little children...

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