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“Once upon a time there was a Goddess trapped in a castle tower, locked away from the world. Every day she gazed out the window, waiting in vain for her lover to return, despite the countless letters she had sent. One day the Goddess (who didn't know the magic of her own essence) spotted another Goddess running through the grass, laughing and chasing her Unicorn. She was filled with light and childlike wonder. 

The Goddess wanted love but more than anything she wanted to be carefree. So, she climbed down from the tower running towards the Giggle Goddess, yelling, “wait for me!” When she caught up to her, they fell in step with each other and she embarked on a true love quest for her soulmate who would treat her like the Goddess she is, with the Giggle Goddess as her mentor and guide."

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An Easy and Powerful Way to Call in a Relationship for 2022 (Plus My Top 10 Self-Care List for Connection & Healing)

Nov 24, 2021

Giggle Goddess sits on the mountain top surveying the green fields below her. Off in the distance she spots a mighty ship, swaying powerfully in the wind, heading for her shore. As the ship approaches, she smiles broadly, immediately recognizing the figure waving from the deck. Her heart skips a beat. Standing up she waves back, shielding her eyes from the brilliant sun. She grabs her satchel and races down the stony path towards her true love...

If you’re an empath who wants a relationship now and you’ve been struggling because all you get is a) no relationship prospects at all or b) only unhealthy, toxic people, read on for a powerful personal ceremony you can do right now to shift that and allow the love in. 

The holiday season is a time to slow down, rest and imagine what is possible for you. The magic in the air allows us to reflect on how our year has been and look forward to the new year. You can take advantage of this contemplative time by taking the reins...

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How To Find a Relationship During a Pandemic

Nov 18, 2021

You’ve learned how to duel with Shadow Goddesses and live to tell about it.

You’re excellent at sourcing plants in the magical forest. 

And you’ve mastered your riding skills whether it be Dragon, Unicorn or trusty horse. 

But darn it you really get stuck on how to meet someone during a worldwide pandemic!

Well, Goddess, I invite you to read on: this is THE prerequisite guide to pandemic dating ...

Before you get to the point of ACTUALLY meeting someone in the middle of a pandemic, you need to overcome a few hurdles. Our mind will talk us out of the entire process before we even get started. Here are some mental blocks and barriers to work through so you can have a romantic and appropriately distanced, rendezvous.

MENTAL BLOCK #1: Zoom Dating isn’t Legit

Why not? It’s not a silent movie where you’ll only see a sped up version of someone in black and white, hopping up and down with a cane. You will be able to have a normal conversation in...

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For Empaths: The Real Story Behind Trust Issues

Nov 10, 2021

When I surveyed my community of empaths who struggle to find healthy, loving relationships the majority of participants said their number one struggle is TRUST.


I certainly know what trust issues feel like as someone who struggled to find a safe relationship for decades before I met my soulmate husband in my forties. Now I spend my days with my best friend, feeling secure and supported to be myself.


This blog post is a collection of truth bombs around trust; my intention is that you have a shift in perspective that unsticks you and gives you the possibility of true love like I have and I’ve helped my clients find. I invite you to consider a new experience of openness and generosity of heart. 


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you met your soulmate in 2022 because you showed up differently around trust?!


Truth Bombs on Trust: some of these may be obvious to you at first, but they are nuanced and sneaky so I suggest you sit with them, pen and paper...

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How to Stop Attracting the Relationships You Don't Want

Nov 03, 2021

Are you looking for true love but keep attracting crappy relationships you don't want?


Before I attracted and later married the love of my life at age 44, I attracted partners who were the exact opposite of what I wanted: non-committal, emotionally unavailable and alcohol dependent. 


Maybe you’ve been doing all the things: standing on your head, repeating mantras, wearing crystals and then, ugh, here is more of what you don’t want. It’s so frustrating! 


Before I figured out the framework to becoming a true love magnet (aka Giggle Goddess), I went through decades of the same relationship over and over again, with different people. If you know, you know.


I even reunited with my first boyfriend at age 43; this happened at my breaking point after being 10 years single and feeling unloveable. Immediately, I began planning our wedding in my head, but he had other plans. After a few weeks of hot and heavy and asking me to go condo...

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How to Attract the Relationship You Want

Oct 27, 2021

Are you looking for a powerful way to call in the relationship you want (as opposed to attracting what you don't want)?

The fastest and easiest way to start is to write a Manifesto. 

A Manifesto is a public declaration (or at least to yourself) of your views or intentions; this can include your top values and insights about life (and love). These declarations are a powerful ingredient in creating the love YOU want.

When we get intentional, focused and committed (and CLEAR) about who we are and how we see the world, magic happens! You'll be surprised at how quickly things start to align and you receive guidance to attract what you want: the Universe knows who to send you.

3 Top Tips for writing your Manifesto

1. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. Avoid negative statements.

2. Add in what your values are or what is truly important to you.

3. Have fun with it!

Read mine below for inspiration then create your own, share on Instagram using the hashtag...

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How to Stop Getting Duped into Relationships with Narcissists

Oct 14, 2021

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just write down your intentions to find a loving partner and then VOILA!-they immediately arrive?


That’s not what happened for me. 


Before I married the love of my life at age 46, I spent decades doing inner child healing, forgiveness work, vision boards, using crystals and I STILL attracted one narcissist and/or toxic relationship after another. In fact, it seemed like the more inner work I did, the more toxic my relationships became (true story). 


Over the years the shame compounded. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t get this right. I internalized it and felt more and more worthless.


In 2010 I was a healer working with clients, helping them to heal. My clients loved what I did for them. Yet, I had a dirty secret: I couldn’t heal my relationships. I couldn’t attract a loving person into my life. 


I was still attracting narcissists, alcoholics, guys dependent on marijuana...

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To Empaths Who Want True Love But Can't Stop Attracting Narcissists

Oct 06, 2021

The True Love Quest begins…

As an empath who went through decades of dysfunctional relationships before meeting my soulmate (and now husband) at the age of 44, I didn’t think I could ever have a loving relationship. 

I felt destined to be alone or suffer through a relationship with yet another narcissist (or alcoholic or drug addict or person with mental health issues). 

I felt like I had tried everything. I did inner work. I journaled. I used crystals, affirmations and vision boards. And every time I ventured out into the dating world, I attracted (and was attracted to) the only imbalanced, unhealthy guy in the room.

This is why as a Spiritual Teacher for empaths, I’m on a mission to help empaths get off the toxic relationship merri-go-round and find true love. 

Here is what I’ve learned along the way. Read below to take action on the first crucial steps to stop attracting unhealthy relationships and finally attract an amazing person into...

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Find True Love: Treasure Hunt Your Past

Sep 22, 2021

I don’t mean go back to your ex. Absolutely not. 

What I’m saying is go on a True Love Quest: Journey to the Past.

Find the fossils.

Find the broken plate that reminds you of your ancient dinner ritual of eating alone waiting for your ex to come home. 

Find the crumbling scrolls of forgotten words and broken promises. 

Ready to come with me? Get out your quill and dip it into the inkwell (remember to lick the quill before putting it into the ink, not after). List making time!

  1. Prepare your travel satchel: you’ll need a small hammer, rope and matches. That’s just basic survival. Add in durable clothes (what do you wear when traveling back in time to have your heart broken again? Hmmm, seems like wool would be good?). Cheese and bread and dried fruit for sustenance. Your magic potion: a hefty dose of “I am here now, not in the past” mist and a dash of “brave af” oil.

  2. Draw your map: this is a harrowing trail of old...
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Are you a Loveless Empath?

Sep 10, 2021

If you’re anything like me you’ll hate to admit this to yourself. But the sooner you do, the sooner your life will become what you truly want it to be. 


Maybe you’ve had painful family relationships.


Maybe all your adult relationships so far have been unsupportive and one sided.


Maybe you’ve spent years alone because you just don’t feel like you can find someone who will understand you as an Empath. 


After spending my whole life in all of the above scenarios, including 10 years as a single and loveless Empath (meaning I felt loveless and worthless), then falling into yet another terrible relationship that tore me to shreds emotionally, I had my ENOUGH IS ENOUGH moment.


Meaning, I had HAD IT. NEVER AGAIN would I let this happen. 

I decided right then and there that I’d do whatever it takes to find someone who cherished me for who I am. 


Fast forward to present day: 



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The True Power Quest for Empaths

Aug 25, 2021

As an Empath it can be very hard to figure out who you are. You are so good at being in everyone else's feels that you lose yourself. I wrote out a simple before and after snapshot of the true power quest to remember who you are and highlighted the tangible changes that are available to you. This quest is a work in progress and only deepens over time, but it helps to get a visual of what changes you will see along the way. 

Let me know if this resonates!

Before Embarking on True Power Quest:


  1. You have intense, unexplainable emotions that wash over you without notice
  2. You feel exhausted even if you get a ton of sleep
  3. Frequently people behave strangely around you (lash out angrily, blame you for their problems)
  4. You have a tendency to overwork yourself
  5. You take the blame for anything and everything (guilt is your middle name)
  6. You pride yourself on getting shit done (checklists, organizational mastery)
  7. You love being in control
  8. The world is overwhelming and you get sad when...
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