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Eleanor MacDonald

Love Mystic. Giggle Goddess. Empath.

Giggle Goddess sits on the mountain top surveying the green fields below her. Off in the distance she spots a mighty ship, swaying powerfully in the wind, heading for her shore. As the ship approaches, she smiles broadly, immediately recognizing the figure waving from the deck. Her heart skips a beat. Standing up she waves back, shielding her eyes from the brilliant sun. She grabs her satchel and races down the stony path towards her true love...

Hey Goddess! I'm Eleanor. I married the love of my life at 46 years old after decades of chasing after unavailable men and feeling desperate, ashamed and unloveable.

Now I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, I feel inner peace and calm, and I love to develop my gifts and abilities with the support of my husband--and lots of belly laughs along the way! 

It is my mission to guide empathic women like yourself on your True Love Quest so you don't have to live one minute longer chasing partners who give you the cold shoulder (or ghost you) despite showering them with love.

With my proprietary process, psychic healing abilities and 20 years experience in counselling, I have successfully taught women around the world how to attract a soulmate who treats them like the Goddesses they are. Will you join me? Take my fun Love Goddess Persona quiz to get started!

""Before I contacted you, I was considering ending the relationship. My relationship with my partner (something that was seriously in the toilet when I initially contacted you) has done a complete 180. The change was instant and has lasted. My relationship has changed significantly and instantly for the better. I honestly had no expectations of instant or significant changes but it happened and it has remained. Thank you! Looking forward to working together again!" "

E. Brown

""When I first heard Eleanor speak of her work, and that it was possible to connect with the love of your life without being perfectly evolved or enlightened, no matter what challenges are happening, something lit up inside of me with resonance and recognition. I worked with Eleanor and immediately felt clearer and energized. Her warm and kind nature, keen insights, wisdom and intuitive gifts were the perfect combination for me to unlock anything holding me back. Now, I feel open, ready and totally worthy and deserving of true love!!” "

Amrita R. M.

""I have been working with Eleanor and the shifts in me that have resulted from her work have not only been profound, but lasting. Eleanor has an intuitive ability to see the blindspots and once awareness is brought one can only but rise up in one's truth and integrity. I cannot recommend her work enough. She has gifted me with remembering who I am and I am deeply grateful.""

Angeline E

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