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Are you ready to go on an Empath's True Love Quest from Toxic Relationships to True Love? Join me! 

This is a safe space for Empaths to get clarity on your heart's desires, heal toxic relationship patterns and get a map to true love:  FINDING YOUR SOULMATE, SOMEONE YOU CAN CONNECT WITH AND WHO REALLY LOVES, HONOURS AND CHERISHES YOU!

If you feel “revealing my true self would make me end up alone”,

If you feel "you could never attract an equal without becoming codependent again"

If you feel misunderstood,

If you feel like you're missing out on fun, joy and pleasure (when was the last time you giggled?)
Then you’re in the right place! 

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Get ready, you’re heading off an adventure! The prize at the end? Discovering the true inner you! Take this quiz to learn which goddess exists within you just waiting to be discovered!

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Giggle Goddess Guild

The Giggle Goddess Guild monthly membership is a place for empaths looking to break out of unhealthy relationships and find true love. You have the opportunity to get clear on your heart's desires, heal toxic relationship patterns and be fully supported and connect with others on a journey just like you!

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Private 1:1 Love Coaching + Mentorship for Empaths

Need 1:1 support? Check out PRIVATE 1:1 LOVE COACHING + MENTORSHIP. Just you + me + a whole lotta high vibe energy. Simply put: I see what other people can’t see: YOU.

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