Welcome to The Daisy Castle: A Home for Empaths to Heal

This is a safe space to learn how to go from
feeling lonely, overwhelmed and full of doubt to shining bright, feeling alive and being yourself!
If you constantly doubt yourself and feel “too much”,

If you are easily overwhelmed by the past and other people’s problems, 

If you don’t fit in and feel alone, especially around other people,
If you’re longing to know “WHO am I?” AND welcome belly laughs along the way, then you’re in the right place! 

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What are your Strengths as an Empath?

Click here to learn your unique strengths + abilities just waiting to be expressed!


The Daisy Castle Facebook Group

 Instead of downloading another depressing ebook to read all alone in a dark corner join THE DAISY CASTLE: FACEBOOK GROUP. It’s completely free, and I dish about all the ways to heal as an Empath … but in a way that’s not old school or exhausting. Think of it like the ultimate non-judgemental fan community where you can geek out on self-empowerment tools (all while feeling safe to be YOU).



The Daisy Castle: School for Empaths

Get on the waitlist for THE DAISY CASTLE: SCHOOL FOR EMPATHS launching in Fall 2021.  Good news: just because you’re ultra tuned in and sensitive doesn’t mean you have to crawl into a cave to cope with anxiety, stress and the weight of the world. The greatest healing happens in community and THE DAISY CASTLE: SCHOOL FOR EMPATHS is the perfect place to learn (and put into practice) amazing spiritual tools to help you heal and shine bright. Get on the WAIT LIST HERE. Alllll the fire emojis!


The Daisy Castle: Private 1:1 Spiritual Mentorship

Need 1:1 support to put the DAISY PETAL TO THE METAL on your spiritual path? Check out THE DAISY CASTLE: PRIVATE 1:1 SPIRITUAL MENTORSHIP. Just you + me + a whole lotta high vibe energy. Simply put: I see what other people can’t see: YOU.

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