Meet Truly Eleanor

Intuitive Love Coach + Women's Empowerment Teacher

Hey! I’m so excited to have you here.

My name is Eleanor, and I am the founder of Truly Eleanor. I am an Intuitive Love Coach and Women’s Empowerment Teacher for women over 40 who are done with their nonexistent love lives and are ready to welcome passion, purpose, and a loving partner into their lives.

I’ve been coaching and inspiring women around the world for over twenty years. Helping women who find themselves in the “Heartbreak Hokey Pokey” – that continuous dance… they find love, break up, are heartbroken, then shake it all about… and start over again with the same results. Sound familiar?

Why I Do This Work

After years of playing the Heartbreak Hokey Pokey myself, I understand how frustrating it feels to know that although I had so much to offer, I would always choose the unavailable guys. I sabotaged myself by getting involved with unavailable guys – whether it was physically or emotionally. As the years – and breakups – passed, I felt even more hopeless.

Then came a doozie! When I was 43, I was dumped by text message… a TEXT message!

That’s when I realized that if I was to find a deep, loving, healthy relationship, it was me that needed to change. I would have to dig… deep!

Like so many women, I had challenges with prioritizing myself. I was always putting HIM first. Constantly changing, putting my wants and needs aside to make him happy. I did whatever I could to make things work… and not face another failed relationship.

It felt like I was often trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Soon I realized that I was unknowingly making poor decisions and taking unhealthy actions based on my self-destructive thoughts and feelings.

Those thoughts and feelings were a toxic combination of childhood experiences, past mistakes, self-blame, demanding family members, drama, anxiety, and health issues, all combined with the pressure of running my business.

I knew that if I was willing to do the work and focus on what I wanted while facing my own limiting beliefs, including insecurities and habitual patterns, I could start unblocking those negative beliefs, build my confidence, trust myself, and change my results.

As my stronger, authentic self emerged, I began trusting my intuition and allowing myself to be vulnerable. Soon I began leaning into choices that were good for me.

One of those choices was to go on a dating app - again. But this time I showed up differently.

Ten days later, I met my handsome, spectacular husband-to-be.

My process allowed me to realize that it took having everything I didn’t want – to recognize – and fight for what I truly wanted.

Now, I’m married to my best friend, who makes me laugh and feel more loved than I ever thought possible!

He lets me be me, supporting and encouraging me to live my purpose.

In addition to inspiring other women to find lasting love after 40, I enjoy baking my heart out in the kitchen, rocking my classic GenX-style metallic eyeshadow, and having my old-school journal in hand! Life is totally awesome! I’m not saying everything is perfect, but I feel at home in my life.

Sharing The Love

I took everything that I learned from my life-changing experience and created a process to help other women. And I’m proud to say that this powerful method has been an incredible game-changer for hundreds of women around the world.

My courses are to help women over 40 discover why they’ve been repeating unhealthy relationship patterns and how they can make the changes necessary to love themselves and attract and build the healthy, loving, life-long relationships they’ve been seeking.

You are in good company

Join my community of smart, intuitive single women over 40!

Your being has been a light or catalyst for me. And your gift of seeing the real me is what has been so amazing about working with you. I have never met anyone who has the precise gift of being able to tune into another person's True Self and then reflect that back to them. You see the essence of another so clearly, as well as the beliefs they hold that block their full expression. The truth you share is simple, clear, recognizable, and sometimes jolting. But there is such a relief in being seen, and you do that so easily and beautifully. Thank you!!!

- Joy Benson, USA

I highly recommend Eleanor and the Beautiful, Intuitive Work she does with her clients. I have worked with her and it has been such a life changing process for me in identifying what has held me back or kept me stuck in a lifetime of old negative patterns. For the first time in my life, I am learning how to step forward into my own personal power to create the life I’ve always dreamed of living.

- Joy Clemis, USA

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