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Truly Eleanor

Intuitive Love Coach +

Women's Empowerment Teacher

Drawing on my 15 years’ experience coaching worldwide, I teach women who are over 40 and over their non-existent love life (and unavailable men) to feel more confident to go for what they want: a yummy life with Mr. Right!

Having your dream relationship is less than 6 months away IF you are willing to do what it takes. If you’re willing to face your insecurities and trust your intuition you can have the dream relationship… simple, not necessarily easy.

I know this because I have seen it over and over again in the past 15 years, as I helped women through the process.

If you have it in your heart to spend your life with a partner you are deeply connected to, and if we are anything alike I am willing to bet you have had your share of not so great relationships. People like us have the capability to LOVE BIG… and that can be our achilles heel, I know for me it was.

I had the best luck at always choosing the wrong guy on repeat. Over and over I would choose another version of Mr. Not Right and eventually this led to me feeling more hopeless with every breakup and each passing year.

The problem was I just wanted love and to be loved. #BigHeartSyndrome

I ignored the red flags (my intuition) and squashed down the feelings of loneliness by giving even more of myself (I needed to try harder, be better, make it work).

It seemed like I was forever chasing the love I couldn’t catch up to and this continued for decades. I didn’t want to admit it but deep inside this felt helpless.

Still single at the age of 43 and without the dream relationship I truly desired, I happened to reunite with my first love after 25 years and immediately started planning our wedding in my head (no, but this time it was different).

I was 100% sure that something greater than me had brought us together and this was my happily ever after. I desperately wanted to believe him when he said all the right things; I ignored the fact that he was in the middle of a messy divorce. #Convenient

After being together for only a few weeks, he took me condo shopping, saying things like, “you’re going to move in with me, right?” I was on top of the world! I had moved back to my hometown and was living on my mother’s very lumpy couch.

I fell into a teenage routine where he would pick me up for dates down the street. As you can probably see from a mile away, one day he texted me to say that he needed to be single and he hoped we could be friends.

Devastation hit me like a ton of bricks, knocking me to my hands and knees in mental, emotional and physical pain that had no outlet and no visible evidence. I stayed in bed for days, with no words to say or tears to shed.

What eventually emerged from the depths of my soul was a whisper: “You deserve love.”

This whisper turned into a roar, that became a declaration:

I was D. O. N. E.! This was my “Enough is Enough” moment.

I told myself I will NEVER go through this again.

I deserve a loving and secure relationship and I’m going to do whatever it takes to have it.

I started with making this decision my number one priority. I had my business and family members to contend with and all kinds of drama like my anxiety attacks and health issues.

But I stayed focused, dedicated the time and paid thousands of dollars I didn’t have to relationship experts. I was willing to do the work to have what I wanted.

They were the ones to help me dive into my insecurities, compassionately show me my blind spots and encourage me to be vulnerable.

And of course, I tried to get my mentors to help me heal myself so I could get my ex back. I spun around in circles trying to argue for my old ways. If I was more this or more that, then I had a chance with him. #bargaining

I learned that no matter what, you can’t love the wrong guy enough to make him the right guy.

Read that again.

Finally I began to emerge as myself but better, I leaned into choices that were good for me and trusted my intuition.

One year later, in a way that seems almost like a miracle, after 10 days on a dating app, I met my handsome and spectacular husband.

Getting married later in life IS the move. (Mid forties for me.) And as cliche as it sounds, it took me going through everything I didn’t want to have everything I want.

Now I have a loving and secure relationship based on trust with the love of my life which makes me feel at home and at peace.

Now I have a best friend and so much more to share my life with which makes me feel connected.

Now I have support to be myself and live my purpose which makes me feel fulfilled.

My insecurities don’t make my decisions for me and our communication lines are open anytime we want to share our dreams, fears and desires.

My intuition is stronger than ever, flourishing in an environment where I’m not made wrong.

I am truly me. And my life is filled with love.

Ready to let your intuition lead you to lasting love?

Love Notes from Clients

This is what people are saying about Truly Eleanor

Amrita R. M., USA

Feel Ready, Worthy and
Deserving of True Love

I felt blocked and thwarted by the same repetitive patterns, which were unconsciously ruling my life, making me feel incredibly disempowered, sad and frustrated. Working with Eleanor I immediately felt clearer and energized. Her warm and kind nature, keen insights, wisdom and intuitive gifts were the perfect combination for me to unlock anything holding me back. Now, I feel open, ready and totally worthy and deserving of true love!!

Alexandra Purdy, USA


I have worked closely with Eleanor and am amazed at the transformation I have made in my life since working with her! I met someone wonderful who was everything I'd dreamed of. Eleanor both inspires and keeps things real in a grounded sense, and I love this blend of energies! Her listening, witnessing, humor, insight, and guidance have been incredibly valuable to me as I navigate the shifting waves of my life. Let Eleanor prepare you for the life of your dreams (and then watch it show up)!

Nancy G., USA

Every Day We Share a

Great Happiness Together

During our time together you gave me some insightful guidance. Since then, a former classmate asked me to dinner. We spent a year reconnecting and discovering that we really clicked with each other. He asked me to marry him in December of 2020 and we were married on June 19, 2021. Everyday we share a great happiness together. I am brimming with gratitude. Everything with him has been easy. So thank you Eleanor.

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Eleanor MacDonald

Vancouver, Canada

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