the Wrong Guy Dating

Detox Challenge!

For Women Over 40

Who Are Over Their Non-Existent Love Life…

And Unavailable Men

If you're ready to stop choosing Mr. Wrong, so you can find lasting love with the right person, this challenge is for you!

This transformational workbook has in-depth journaling exercises, mindset-shifting questions and action steps to take, so you can start choosing what is best for you in love! Created by Truly Eleanor, Intuitive Love Coach + Women's Empowerment Teacher with 15 years' experience helping women all around the world to find love.

You'l learn:

  • Get clear on who your Mr. Wrong is (it's different for everyone)
  • Why you choose the wrong guy on repeat
  • Next steps and resources to go for what you want in love-a delectable relationship with Mr Right!

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Eleanor is an Intuitive Love Coach coaching women around the world for over twenty years. Her courses help women over 40 discover why they’ve been repeating unhealthy relationship patterns and how they can make the changes necessary to love themselves and attract and build the healthy, loving, relationships they’ve been seeking.

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