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Meet Eleanor!


Hi there! I am Eleanor, your resident Giggle Goddess extraordinaire! I’m here to help tired and wired empaths like yourself go on their own personal quests to discover their true self, remember who they are, and create their very own happily ever after! 


I began my journey as a very sensitive child raised in an EXPLOSIVE environment full of intense emotions (I mean, yikes!). I internalized everything. I learned early on to take care of every single person around me. Adulthood brought me many trials: debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, depression, digestive and other health issues, chronic money problems culminating in bankruptcy, and one toxic relationship after another. 


One day, I had had ENOUGH! And I started on my own quest to find myself. Soon I began to encounter my guides: spiritual mentors who could point me in the right direction. Through many trials (and falls) I was finally able to step into my true power and create the life I had always dreamed of! Now it is my mission in life to guide others on their own journey back home to themselves. I combine my psychic and intuitive abilities, along with my 20 years experience in counselling, to help struggling empaths uncover and transform the emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual barriers that are holding them back. I EMPOWER other women to create the lives of their dreams! I hope you’ll allow me to guide you on your own quest. Will you join me?