Become an Empowered People Pleaser




A monthly online membership to teach people pleasers how to be yourself AND have loving relationships without abandoning who you are or losing your independence. 


Facilitated by Eleanor Healy, International Healer and Personal Development Coach

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Do you constantly doubt yourself even though you know how smart and capable you are?

You long to learn more about what you want and what your dreams and desires are.

You want to stop abandoning yourself to feel accepted and loved. 

You want to stop sabotaging your health, well-being and energy to keep the peace in relationships. 

You want to grab the big possibilities and opportunities that show up, but you hesitate. Every. Time.

You don't want to care what others think and let them stop you from going after what you want, but you do. 

You want to feel excited for the future and clear about what you need to do to get there, but you feel overwhelmed.

You want to feel loved for who you really are, but you feel judged and afraid to share your feelings. 

Yet, despite the fears, loneliness and overwhelm you feel, you know deep down that you can change with the right kind of support.   

You’re ready to focus on what is best for you. 

It’s now or never.

But you’re plagued by sleepless nights and the gripping fear of ending up alone if you dare to be yourself.

Your doubtful thoughts are relentless:  What if I’m not meant to have what I want? What if having what I want means I’ll be rejected?

You’ve tried to overcome the fears and doubts many times before

Every time you start to gain momentum, your life gets complicated.

Or somebody needs you and you have to drop everything.

Or the guilt sets in.

Or the doubt cripples you.

Or you feel so tired and drained.

It’s always something.

So you end up sliding back into putting everyone else first.

And you feel worse than ever: you’ve abandoned yourself again.

The feelings of loneliness, disconnection and isolation take over. 

I’m here to offer you another way. It is not the mainstream approach and you may feel uncertain that you can do it, but you will also resonate with what I’m saying here.

The problem with most people pleasers is that they are afraid to face their deep need to feel loved for being themselves. 

The truth is this fear and need can lose its stranglehold over you by being willing to have True Awareness of yourself, True Acceptance of your needs and desires and True Connection to the deepest part of who you are. 

Being an Empowered People Pleaser means stepping into what is possible for you:

You feel loved

You confidently speak your truth, no matter what others may think

You feel excited and full of passion

You feel at home in your body, mind and soul

You are financially abundant

Your relationships are harmonious and heart-centred

You are free from all the shackles of your past 

In other words … you are YOU! 

Feel Alive

Feel Lighter and Joyful

Feel Connected to yourself and others and the Universe

Feel Supported

Feel Excited to be YOU

Feel Confident

You CAN be yourself, feel Loved and have what you truly want and

I’m here to show you the way!

Only $249 USD per month to be you AND create the life you want without losing yourself in the process! (program content, healing products and coaching support valued at $4360 just in the first month you join)







Why I Created this Program

I am Eleanor Healy, International Healer and
Empowered People Pleaser (EPPy)

I love helping people pleasers be their True Self even if they struggle with chronic self-doubt and have a deep fear of losing themselves in the process. What ACTUALLY happens is you get LYT (Live Your Truth), shine bright and create what you truly want.  My mission is to help you get LYT, so together we can LYT up the world! And this is why ...

As a Child I barely spoke.

I was a sponge for every strong emotion around me (and there were a lot of volatile emotions to choose from in my environment). After years of swallowing this disturbing negative energy, I developed chronic digestive and skin issues. My anxiety and fear and panic dictated every choice I made. My circumstances and fears fashioned me into a stellar people pleaser with, you guessed it, no voice. All I knew was that if I could make others feel ok, I would be ok.

It never worked.

My self-abandoning ways only gave me one dysfunctional relationship after another and a deep feeling of being invisible and unloveable (along with an unhealthy need for alcohol, shopping, drama, chaos and any other distraction available). As I grew into an adult, my beliefs about myself became like concrete inside me; I was now 100% convinced that I did not have the power to change anything or have what I truly want.

The year 2008 was the “enough is enough” turning point for me: I lost my uncle, my boyfriend at the time had to be committed and a youth I was working with completed suicide. 

My coping mechanisms like shopping, drinking and checking out of my body no longer worked for these traumas. 

I had to go deeper. 

I had to get support. 

I had to find out who I was. 

Thankfully, I did find a healer and mentor and started my reunion back home to my True Self.

 My life changed miraculously.

Where there was pain, conflict and fighting, now there was laughter, intimacy and connection. I healed my primary relationships with my loved ones. 

Where there was fear, panic and terror, now there was a deep inner peace. I resolved my anxiety and panic attacks. 

Where there was loneliness, disconnection and self-loathing, now there was love, community and romance. I met my soulmate and we’re getting married! 

Where there was boredom, confusion and doubt, now there was purpose, focus and excitement. I am on purpose and feel excited and grateful to contribute to the world. 

Where there was struggle, exhaustion and hopelessness, now there was ease, rest and flow of abundance. I learned how to care for myself and ask for support. 

My gifts of psychic awareness, healing abilities and deep wells of compassion grew stronger and stronger. My ability to guide others on this amazing journey back home (to YOU) became my destiny.

I've helped hundreds of clients around the world to feel the sense of peace, excitement and joy of being themselves--whether it's recovering from chronic illnesses, finding their soulmate or starting their own business. Each person has their own unique truth or truths they want to express into the world and I'm here to help you do that!

And I’m here to guide you on the same journey back home to YOU. My vision is to help you to Become an Empowered People Pleaser. Together We Can Light Up the World Being Ourselves! Join me!!

Only $249 USD per month to be you AND create the life you want without losing yourself in the process! (program content, healing products and coaching support valued at $4360 just in the first month you join)







POW! Empowered People Pleaser Academy


Is Absolutely Unique and the Most Dynamic Healing and Teaching Membership Program Out There For Being Who You Truly Are

When you join you can dive into Two Self-Paced Programs, Two Healing Audio programs plus participate in Live New and Supportive Content Every Month!


Self-paced programs

  1. Start with True Power program (6 weeks)

The True Power Program is an online six-week self-study personal transformation course designed for heart-centered and sensitive people pleasers who want to make the world a better place AND have what they want without losing themselves. 

With easy to follow modules, participants will be taken through a step by step cycle of transformation that can be applied to all aspects of their life. Side effects include: sudden ability to take charge of your life, frequent bouts of compassion and self-love, greater levels of self-confidence and in all cases, a powerful surge of creative flow.  Includes video instruction, PDF booklets and recorded group coaching calls. 

2. Lost to LYT (appx 8 weeks)

This powerful program with three comprehensive modules is centred around healing the Solar Plexus, Throat and Heart Chakra. Each module is intended to support you in the most profound and transformational way for your soul journey towards more excitement, confidence and a plan to create what you want. Includes video instruction, PDF booklets, recorded group coaching calls and mp3 healing audios. 


Energy healing audio programs 

  1. Start with Truly Me Audio Healing Series

These 6 energy healing mp3 audios will guide you through the process of meeting, integrating and embodying who you really are. The healing will help you let go of any barriers in the mental, emotional and energetic fields that are currently stopping you from having a more meaningful, happy life. Includes, Truly Me, True Self-Acceptance, True Self-Awareness, True Self-Connection, True Embodiment and True Transformation.

Truly Me: This audio healing is meant to fully integrate you with your Higher Self, so that you can show up in your life from your wholeness. You will still be in your human form, but you will make choices, communicate and show your love from a place of your highest wisdom. Knowing yourself on the deepest level is being LYT!

True Self-Awareness: This healing guided meditation allows you to turn on the light of awareness. Once you shine loving energy onto your inner most blocks and emotional wounds, you have the power to release them. The result is deep and powerful shifts!

True Self-Acceptance: It is important to remember that once we uncover our wounds and traumas, we need to welcome them into the light with total acceptance and compassion. If you judge yourself harshly, you are only keeping this energy stuck. This recording will help you accept yourself completely so you can move to the next stage.

True Self-Connection: Connecting to yourself at the deepest level is what is required to heal on all levels. Any form of disconnection and distance from who we really are, will interfere with creating the life we want and experiencing all levels of peace and joy. This recording will (re)introduce you to the very core of your being as a joyful reunion.

True Transformation: Seeing the light of who you are and transforming your issues and imbalances into gold. This healing recording and channeled message will work with the energies to give you insight and awareness into how to alchemize your life. The healing energy will release your old ways of looking at your life so you can transform into who you are meant to be.

True Embodiment: This recording helps you connect with the physical body to form a divine relationship or to repair the disconnections and misunderstandings. You will experience a connection that is profound and will pave the way for a whole new journey with your body for healing and wholeness.


2. LYT Audio Healing Series

This is a series of 5 energy healing audio mp3s to reset, align and Illuminate every aspect of your being to a level where you can get LYT! Live. Your. Truth. 

LYT Energy: Enlighten your energy field of the burdens of interference, expectations, chaos, lower vibrations of the world around you and specifically from loved ones, colleagues and/or neighbours. Feel lighter, empowered and more able to take charge of your energy boundaries to give you the confidence you need to live your own life.

LYT Mind: Enlighten your mind of disturbing thoughts, repetitive negative and/or limiting beliefs, judgemental opinions and fearful scenarios running around in your head, so you can hear clearly the word of the Greater Mind of the Universe itself. Being in charge of your mind is everything!

LYT Body: Enlighten your body of heavy, stagnant energy pockets, less than optimal or imbalanced physical symptoms, pain, chronic disturbances of sleep, functionality, mobility and vitality. Meet your body in the realm of energetic, optimal, brilliance and smooth homeostasis.

LYT Emotions: Enlighten your emotions of spiraling negativity, recurring, funky moods and despair, hopelessness and/or fear, panic, low motivation and self-esteem, being dictated by past traumas, wounds and patterns. Lighten and rise to access levels of more joy, expansion, happiness and light-hearted giddiness and fun.

LYT Purpose: Enlighten your soul calling of chaos, distractions, working hard, overwhelm, being pulled in every direction by life, your schedule and constant needs of others. Unburden yourself of duty, obligation and over-responsibility to jump into the arms of your destiny, untethered and free. 


Be Part of a High Touch Membership Experience of Transformational Live Content, Support and Soulful Community


Deep Dive Live Content for Mind, Body, Soul Empowerment 

  • LIVE Healing/Coaching call: once per month via Zoom (calls are recorded in case you can’t make it live); each call is designed to give you the information, healing energy and insight you need to have one breakthrough after another within a safe and intimate healing space. Healing takes place even from the recording


  • LIVE Masterclasses: once per month I will teach via Zoom on a theme of self-empowerment to help you on your journey to feeling more confident to create the life you truly want without having to abandon yourself to do it


Sacred Container for Sacred Community


  • An exclusive private Facebook group so you feel supported and can build community connections with your peeps and learn from others; ask questions anytime and get interactive support Monday to Friday from Eleanor Healy, as well as connect and build community with the other members


Powerful Energy Healing and Psychic Support


  • As an EPPy (Empowered People Pleaser), you are placed in the container of healing Source energy; all spaces, interactions and teachings in this membership academy include this loving support to accelerate your breakthroughs, healing and transformations

  • Sharply accurate psychic support from Eleanor Healy to reach the hidden and subconscious realms that are not accessible to you, to guide you as to what you need to heal and transform

  • Two powerful audio healing programs: Truly Me Audio Healing Series and LYT Audio Healing Series (as described above) to listen to one per week on a schedule of your choosing; that’s a total of 11 mp3s designed to guide you through the process of meeting, integrating and embodying who you really are AND reset, align and Illuminate every aspect of your being to a level where you can get LYT! Live. Your. Truth. 


Examples of Life Altering Transformations Available To
You as a Member of POW!

Feel more like yourself

Feel lighter

Feel inspired, positive and excited

Feel calmness not felt in a very long time

Feel truly seen, cared for and supported

Feel confident to start your own business

Feel confident to start dating again after years alone

Dismantle inner bully

Better equipped to deal with and witness your deep emotions

More compassion towards family and releasing blame

Ability to face things you didn’t want to face and that are negatively effecting you

Trusting your Divine Guidance and acknowledging your Angels

Find your voice


Only $249 USD per month to be you AND create the life you want without losing yourself in the process! (program content, healing products and coaching support valued at $4360 just in the first month you join!)







Everyone Loves Bonuses and
You’re Going Love the Ones I Have for You!

Bonus #1: Reveal My Destiny Audio Clearing and Activation mp3 valued at $65

This powerful energy activation and healing audio recording will energetic barriers and blocks that are in the way of you connecting to your soul destiny. Go beyond the fears to embrace who you are.

Bonus #2: Heart Opening Audio healing mp3 valued at $65

Powerful energy healing guided meditation to open your heart and invite in your soul community, loved ones and deeper relationships with everyone in your life.

Bonus #3: Clear Old Relationship Patterns healing mp3 valued at $65

This powerful recording infused with healing energy will start to clear and release all those patterns, conditioning and limiting beliefs that kept you stuck in dysfunctional relationships. Your energy will get a cleansing of old stagnant energy that creates the merri-go-round experience of unavailable men/women or compels you to go into hiding, experiencing deep periods of social isolation and despair. Get ready to feel reborn energetically and ready to introduce a higher experience of love.

Bonus #4: Activate Your Archetypal Healing Team healing mp3 valued at $65

We all need help when we are creating our greatest life. This energetic activation brings your strongest allies forward to assist you on this transformational journey. With your highest guides at your side you will accelerate past all the blocks and barriers previously holding you back. Get ready to feel supported, guided and held as you take this important healing step.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clients are Saying

Saying Yes to a Life Led by my True Self​

Eleanor is SPOT ON! Her intuitive wisdom has transformed my life on so many levels. Her wisdom, whether to alert me of a block or to give me encouragement, is always precisely what I need to know to feel supported to take the next step forward into saying Yes to a life led by my True Self. I am so thankful for her loving guidance.

Joy Benson, USA

She Gave Me the Tools to Heal

Before I started working with Eleanor, I was a bit lost, and unclear about how I could shape my life in order to live authentically and to live the life I truly wanted. I knew I had so many opportunities and gifts at my fingertips, but my self-sabotage and buried emotional pain was holding me back from allowing myself to truly be me- and be free. Eleanor was not only so easy to talk to, and so compassionate, she had a way of getting me to open up and dig into a lot of the emotions I had been trying to bury for many years. Feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness all came to the surface. From there, she gave me the tools to heal. I now feel so much more myself, I feel 'lighter', and free to take my life in the direction I truly want. I will always be grateful for meeting Eleanor and for the support she provided me. It has been a true gift

Allison W., CANADA

Life Altering

Life altering as she gets to the root (literally) of your mental/emotional/physical issues and releases them! Truly gifted in many ways. I highly recommend a session with Eleanor as she has connected the dots as no other could! 

H Lockhart, USA


My recent sessions with Eleanor were profound, with wonderful results. She compassionately penetrated my subconscious to help me dissolve blocked energy and emotions that had been suppressed for decades. I am still enjoying the relief and expansion, along with physical healing benefits! She has been a powerful and important teacher and spiritual guide to me.

Jan B., USA

My Life Force is coming back​

There is something in Eleanor's voice, a peacefulness, that keeps drawing me back to her. It took me a while to trust the process fully and get beyond my resistance, but now the walls are coming down so fast! My intuition is opening up (an unexpected gift!) and my Life Force is coming back! I'm so very grateful for the guidance of this very skilled, gentle woman.

Dana M., USA

Remembering Who I am

I have been working with Eleanor and the shifts in me that have resulted from her work have not only been profound, but lasting. Eleanor has an intuitive ability to see the blindspots and once awareness is brought one can only but rise up in one’s truth and integrity. I cannot recommend her work enough. She has gifted me with remembering who I am and I am deeply grateful.

Angeline E., NAMIBIA

I Now Feel Free to Claim My Birthright

I was not aware of the fact that many different symptoms in the body could be the result of one main root cause. Thank you for the energy healing. I was very affected by my false belief that "I am not allowed to be here"! All my life I felt like I was a burden, and now I can start unraveling this. Now I feel free to claim my birthright, and I know that I desire to practice forgiveness of self and others. I feel I have already received a wonderful gift.


Are you ready for results like these?

Just $249 USD per month to finally embody your unstoppable self and live life on your terms! (program content, healing products and coaching support valued at $4360 just in the first month you join!)