I suffered as an empathic person like I was in a burning building, consumed by the world around me, shielding my eyes from the fear of rejection and judgement. Eventually, I had to rise from the ashes … to laugh, dance and create beauty in the world!

Hey, I’m Eleanor.


As an International Healer and Spiritual Teacher, I teach sensitive people to break the chains of their sensitivity, overwhelm and exhaustion to feel energetic and free to laugh, dance and live in the fullness of what you truly want. 

Here is what I’ve learned from my journey so far ...

Truth Bombs that Changed My Life

What ACTUALLY happens when you embrace your sensitivity is nothing short of magical. Imagine breaking the chains that bind you and feeling empowered and excited to use your gifts and abilities in the world unapologetically. 

Truth Bomb #1: Not Being Yourself Causes Problems

Growing up I was taught that anger was bad and speaking up for yourself was worse. To be a good girl, I kept the anger inside until it morphed into rage, all the while nodding in agreement with those around me. Cue the hellish people pleaser existence of being misunderstood and feeling powerless to change your life (not to mention having chronic skin issues and IBS and debilitating anxiety).

Truth Bomb #2: You Deserve to Have it All, Even if You’re a Work in Progress


For years I dreamt of changing the world: writing books and speaking on stages, making an impact. I told myself someone like me could never do that, because of where I grew up and all the things that were wrong with me. The constant struggle against my True Self and the vision I had, drove me crazy. Cue the burnt out, overwhelmed hermit, living in a cave nursing her wounds and rejected dreams.

Truth Bomb #3: Stop Pretending to be PERFECT


For years I was unable to be myself and so I felt isolated, lonely and misunderstood. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to show up as someone you aren’t in order to be liked, but knowing that people like you for who you’re pretending to be. Cue the ultra disconnected existence of being everything to everyone (except yourself).

The Turnaround (Drum Roll Please)


My healing journey took me from being stuck in years of dysfunctional relationships followed by long periods of isolation (10 years was one particular stretch),

Chronic health issues such as digestive imbalances, 

Acne and debilitating anxiety and panic attacks,

Traumatic family relationships full of drama and conflict, 


Married to my unicorn (he's THAT amazing) who loves me for who I am and I feel cherished, 

Healed root causes of my anxiety

Healthy relationship with my body and clear skin

Doing what I love as a Spiritual Teacher + Healer with clients all around the world


My gifts of psychic awareness, healing abilities and deep wells of compassion grow stronger and stronger (and continue to do so).

I've helped hundreds of clients around the world to feel the freedom and energy and aliveness of themselves. 

I’ve watched clients who embrace who they are recover from chronic illnesses, find their soulmate and/or start their own business. Each Empath has their own unique gifts they want to express into the world. Setting out on the journey towards joy and pleasure in the full expression of you is the point of it all. 

My vision: To teach sensitive empathic people to free themselves from the stigma of sensitivity and embrace your power so we can create beauty and a world where laughter, freedom and full expression is as welcomed and valued as the skills of a lawyer or doctor. 

Are you in?