Resident Giggle Goddess, Spiritual Teacher + Empath. Married to the Love of Her Life (Former Relationship Disaster Magnet and Chronically Lonely Single Hot Mess).

Hey! I am Eleanor, here to help empaths like yourself who are spinning their wheels, wanting to find true love, but feeling dizzy from the toxic relationship merri-go-round.


I married the love of my life at the age of 46 proving two things: it’s never too late for true love and empaths can absolutely have the relationship of their dreams. And guess what? My personal quest didn’t just bring me true love: I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, I feel inner peace and calm and I support myself full time doing what I love--all with lots of belly laughs along the way! 


I began my journey as a very sensitive child raised in an EXPLOSIVE environment full of intense emotions (I mean, yikes!)

I internalized everything. I learned early on to take care of every single person around me. Adulthood brought me many trials: debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, depression, digestive and other health issues, chronic money problems culminating in bankruptcy, and one toxic relationship after another. 

Still single at the age of 43, I reunited with my first love after 25 years and immediately started planning our fairytale wedding in my head (no, but this time it was different)


I was 100% sure that the Universe brought us together as true soulmates and this was my happily ever after. I desperately wanted to believe him when he said all the right things; I ignored the fact that he was in the middle of a messy divorce. 

After being together for only a few weeks, he brought me condo shopping, saying things like, “you’re going to move in with me, right?” I was on top of the world! I had moved back to my hometown and was living on my mother’s very lumpy couch. I didn’t go out because I couldn’t afford a transit pass at the time and I fell into a teenage routine where he would pick me up for dates down the street. As you can probably see coming from a mile away, one day he texted me to say that he needed to be single and he hoped we could be friends. 

I was D. O. N. E.! This was my “Enough is Enough” moment.


I knew deep down that feeling cherished, waking-up-in-the-morning-smiling kind of love is real and so I started on my quest to find true love. Soon I began to encounter my guides: spiritual mentors who could point me in the right direction. Through many trials (and falls) I was finally able to step into my true power in love.

Now it is my mission to guide others on their own True Love Quest without spending decades of their life kissing one frog after another.


With my proprietary process, my psychic and healing abilities, along with my 20 years experience in counselling, I help struggling empaths around the world uncover and transform the emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual barriers that are keeping them doomed to feel unlovable and alone.


My client transformations include: going from being debilitated by chronic illness, feeling unlovable and worthless, full of doubt and anxiety to clearing up skin issues, starting their dream business, moving to their dream city and breaking their toxic relationship patterns to find their soulmate.

I EMPOWER other empaths to have the love they know is waiting for them! I hope you’ll allow me to guide you on your own quest. Will you join me? Click here to get started now!