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Heroine's Journey for Empaths

with Eleanor MacDonald, Spiritual Teacher 

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When Did You Last Dance Around Your Kitchen?

If you're sensitive and over trying to figure out how to spend your time so you don't get overwhelmed, then Giggle Goddess Adventures is THE self-empowerment program you've been looking for. Think Princess Bride Fun + Mind Blowing Spiritual Journey to Remember Who You Are!


During your 12 week online group experience, Giggle Goddess Adventures will take you from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted (and a little ashamed) by your sensitivity to feeling energized and free to create (with a grounded plan) the life you truly want.

Healing energy, proven self-empowerment techniques and live trainings PLUS plenty of giggles and silliness in the style of Princess Bride. Self-discovery does not have to be like the torture chamber poor Westley had to endure.

Healing happens in community and pure enjoyment! If you're vibing with this read about the benefits you'll get from being part of this awesome adventure: 


In 12 short weeks you’ll see all the ways you become overwhelmed and practical steps to dial down the overwhelm and dial up your gift for tuning in and focusing on what you want. Once you can focus, the sky is the limit! Publish your book, move overseas, find your soulmate, build your dream business

Like Inigo Montoya and his quest to avenge his father. Now that's focus!


Exhaustion is heavy. Release old emotional baggage about who you are and who you think you should be or who you were told you were. Let go of all the stigma of not measuring up! Rise and dance and laugh and play and create beauty in the world with your incredible lightness of being.

Like the lightness of Fezzik's heart! No one could accuse him of being hard hearted. And he's the King of rhymes!


Carefree fun

Get ready for 12 weeks of laughs, silliness and childlike enthusiasm infused into the program content. Learn what your ancestral power medicine is, travel into the psyche with guided meditations like no other. Use your imagination to travel through realms with Goddesses, talking animals and magical creatures, all there to light the way for your path. 

It will be as delightful as the banter between Dread Pirate Roberts and Vizzini, Sicilian Criminal Mastermind. Classic!

Remember Who You Are

This is the priceless benefit of going on a Giggle Goddess Adventure. You become your True Self, free to be you and express and live in the fullness of what you truly want. 

Like when Westley became someone he wasn't (the Dread Pirate Roberts) because he thought Buttercup didn’t love him for who he was. Until he realized she loved him for him!

Here Is What People Are Saying About Eleanor

"I have been working with Eleanor and the shifts in me that have resulted from her work have not only been profound, but lasting. Eleanor has an intuitive ability to see the blindspots and once awareness is brought one can only but rise up in one’s truth and integrity. I cannot recommend her work enough. She has gifted me with remembering who I am and I am deeply grateful. "


"Eleanor's soft voice and genuine, gentle manner are so comforting to me. She uses her Source-driven, intuitive gifts to help me in the healing process. She has helped me tie together and clear energetically themes in my life that no other therapist has been able to. She has helped me to see that many of the answers lie within me. Her experience, strength and hope encourages me during our sessions and stays with me after our sessions. Eleanor is the real deal!! She is a gifted, intuitive healer!! She has helped me so much!!"

Katy V.

"Before I started working with Eleanor, I was a bit lost, and unclear about how I could shape my life in order to live authentically and to live the life I truly wanted. I knew I had so many opportunities and gifts at my fingertips, but my self-sabotage and buried emotional pain was holding me back from allowing myself to truly be me- and be free. Eleanor was not only so easy to talk to, and so compassionate, she had a way of getting me to open up and dig into a lot of the emotions I had been trying to bury for many years. Feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness all came to the surface. From there, she gave me the tools to heal. I now feel so much more myself, I feel 'lighter', and free to take my life in the direction I truly want. I will always be grateful for meeting Eleanor and for the support she provided me. It has been a true gift."

Allison W.

"I am so grateful to Eleanor for her amazing session. I’ve never had any energy work before, didn’t know what a medical intuitive did, and didn’t know what to expect. Well I still don’t know how she does what she does, but what she does is incredible. I’ve had so many realisations and breakthroughs energetically, emotionally and physically in the last few days. Eleanor was so generous with her time and has such a gentle way of working, and everything she said was just spot on."

Leonie G.

Eleanor MacDonald is an International Healer and Spiritual Teacher who teaches sensitive, empathic people how to get exactly what they want: to overcome overwhelm and exhaustion and finally feel energized and free to create a life they truly want.

Working with hundreds of clients around the world and her decades-long dedication to healing her own challenges, including chronic IBS and acne, debilitating anxiety and years of struggling in dysfunctional relationships, she has transformed her struggles into supportive guidance and effective healing processes for others. 

Her sharply accurate psychic and healing abilities will help you see what you can’t see, so you can break the chains that bind you and step into your power as a sensitive person. 

When she’s not helping sensitive empaths go from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to living in the fullness of what they truly want, you can find her having a giggling fit with the Love of Her Life, reading her dog-eared copies of the Complete Chronicles of Narnia and marveling over miniature dollhouse furniture.

Use Your Sensitivity as a Powerful Tool!

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