Private 1:1 Mentorship for Empaths

Are you ready to invite true love into your life?

Empath True Love Quest: Complimentary Breakthrough Session


You recently went through another devastating heartbreak and you will NEVER EVER LET ANOTHER TOXIC RELATIONSHIP ANYWHERE NEAR YOU.

You have HAD IT! You don’t want another narcissist anywhere near you.

You are 100% committed to finding true love. You’ve been dreaming about it since you were little. And you know there is a beautiful relationship out there for you. Somewhere.



But, you may be wondering, “Now what?”

I can help you with that! I’m an Empath and Spiritual Teacher who went through decades of dysfunctional toxic relationships to finally meet the love of my life at the age of 44. I want to give you all my best tips so you can save time and heartache.


Who this call is for:

  • You live a stable life but still struggle with reappearing scenarios of toxic relationships and always putting yourself last

  • You have a strong sense that you are destined for a soulful, loving relationship of the ages (even if you don’t know what that looks like yet)

  • You understand the value of a Spiritual Teacher + Healer to guide you on your own personal quest to True Love

  • You have the time and financial resources to invest to make a change and get results

  • You understand that this process doesn’t happen overnight (although I did meet my soulmate 10 days after I went ALL IN with my process)

Who this call is NOT for:

  •  You are experiencing a crisis (my work is outside the scope of crisis intervention support services)

  • You sign up for things and then forget about them or have a tendency to not show up for calls (no judgement but my boundaries are too strong for this type of scenario!)

  • You want me to tune in and give you answers or predictions

 What you will receive during this 40 minute Zoom call:

  1. Clarity: What is TRUE FOR YOU and what YOU TRULY WANT in life

  2. Healing: What you NEED to give voice to (while in a SAFE SPACE to express what you truly want to express)

  3. Shift: What is the biggest thing stopping you from having the relationship YOU want?

  4. Connection: Your VISION for the future—which holds the energy of magnetism

What I bring to the table:

 The benefit and wisdom of my 20 years of applied skills, talents and abilities,

 Creating a Safe Space of Non-judgement and filled with Compassion,

 a Profound Psychic, Healing Ability to help you see what you can’t see and know what is in your way,

Decades of Hard Knocks Lessons of my Own to Draw From,

 High level coaching and counseling,

 Decades of dedication to my own Spiritual Mastery and

 I have been there and made it! (from toxic relationships to true love).


 "Before I contacted you, I was considering ending the relationship. My relationship with my partner (something that was seriously in the toilet when I initially contacted you) has done a complete 180.  The change was instant and has lasted. My relationship has changed significantly and instantly for the better.  I honestly had no expectations of instant or significant changes but it happened and it has remained.  Thank you! Looking forward to working together again!" E. Brown, USA

“I have worked closely with Eleanor and am amazed at the transformation I have made in my life since working with her! Eleanor is a capable and grounded guide who has walked with me through great change in my life and helped me manifest the life I was dreaming of.  Eleanor both inspires and keeps things real in a grounded sense, and I love this blend of energies!  Her listening, witnessing, humor, insight, and guidance have been incredibly valuable to me as I navigate the shifting waves of my life.” Ali Singer, USA

"When I first heard Eleanor speak of her work, and that it was possible to connect with the love of your life without being perfectly evolved or enlightened, no matter what challenges are happening, something lit up inside of me with resonance and recognition.  I worked with Eleanor and immediately felt clearer and energized.  Her warm and kind nature, keen insights, wisdom and intuitive gifts were the perfect combination for me to unlock anything holding me back.  Now, I feel open, ready and totally worthy and deserving of true love!!” Amrita R. M., USA

If you are ready to feel cherished, understood and truly seen in a relationship, click the link to book your 40 minute complimentary CALL to see if we are a fit to work together:

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