Empath Boost + Breakthrough call with Eleanor MacDonald 

Get Closer to Creating a Life That Works for YOU.

This is a 40 minute complimentary breakthrough call via Zoom 


  • You + me + a reunion with your True Self 

  • A whole lotta high vibes

  • Psychic insight for Clarity: what are your unique abilities and what is stopping you from stepping into your destiny (there is never just one choice here)?

  • Energy boost to give you the greatest ease to move forward in the direction of your True Desires

  • Practical tips to overcome self-doubt, confusion and overwhelm so you can start living your purpose



  • You live a stable life but still struggle with reappearing scenarios such as toxic jobs, relationships and always putting yourself last
  • You are very strong in day to day life but you feel at a disadvantage because of your sensitivity

  • You tend to hide your abilities or are uncertain what they may be (you know you are not like everyone else)

  • You have a strong sense that you have a big purpose and feel unfulfilled in what you’re doing

  • You are not looking for predictions and/or magic bullets

  • You are looking for a Spiritual Teacher + Healer to guide you on your own personal quest to your True Self

  • You have the time and financial resources to invest in yourself now (different levels of 1:1 support available to explore if you would like to continue on with me)



Hi there! I am Eleanor, your resident Giggle Goddess extraordinaire! As a Spiritual Teacher + Healer I’m here to help tired and wired empaths like yourself go on their own personal quests to discover their true self, remember who they are, and create their very own happily ever after! 


I began my journey as a very sensitive child raised in an EXPLOSIVE environment full of intense emotions (I mean, yikes!). I internalized everything. I learned early on to take care of every single person around me. Adulthood brought me many trials: debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, depression, digestive and other health issues, chronic money problems culminating in bankruptcy, and one toxic relationship after another. 


One day, I had had ENOUGH! And I started on my own quest to find myself. Soon I began to encounter my guides: spiritual mentors who could point me in the right direction. Through many trials (and falls) I was finally able to step into my true power and create the life I had always dreamed of! Now it is my mission in life to guide others on their own journey back home to themselves. I combine my psychic and intuitive abilities, along with my 20 years experience in counselling, to help struggling empaths uncover and transform the emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual barriers that are holding them back. I EMPOWER other women to create the lives of their dreams! I hope you’ll allow me to guide you on your own quest. 


"My relationship with my partner (something that was seriously in the toilet when I initially contacted you) has done a complete 180.   The change was instant and has lasted. My life (especially in the areas that we focused) and relationship has changed significantly and instantly for the better.  I honestly had no expectations of instant or significant changes but it happened and it has remained.  Thank you! Looking forward to working together again!" E. Brown, USA


"I have worked closely with Eleanor and am amazed at the transformation I have made in my life since working with her! Eleanor is a capable and grounded guide who has walked with me through great change in my life and helped me manifest the life I was dreaming of.  Eleanor both inspires and keeps things real in a grounded sense, and I love this blend of energies!  Her listening, witnessing, humor, insight, and guidance have been incredibly valuable to me as I navigate the shifting waves of my life."  Ali Singer, USA

"Eleanor’s amazing ability to dive deep and immediately uncover core issues, is absolutely remarkable. I also felt lighter during the session, like a weight had been lifted away. The entire session left me feeling very blissful and happy. I’d love to do this again. Thank you, Eleanor." ~RC, Canada

Get clear, feel lighter and remember who you really are!

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