How to Welcome in 2021 With Powerful Intentions

new year resolutions Dec 30, 2020

Happy New Year!! 2021 is Upon Us 


As we breathe a collective sigh across the world, we welcome in the new year. You may have seen my blog post, talking about Bye Felicia 2020; today I want to give some tips on how to welcome in the new year so that you feel grounded, calm and open. 


New Year Resolutions vs Intentions


Resolutions are quasi-promises we make to ourselves or someone else that is usually short lived. They have a vibe of “this will never happen anyway so I might as well promise that I’ll do it.”




Intentions are purposeful, powerful, energetic waves that are sent out into the world. An intention is poetry in motion and our intimate conversation with the Divine. There is no fear, there is no pressured promise. Only a strong wave of conviction that sets you up for success. 


How to Make an Intention


  1. Take out your journal and get comfortable. Take a few deep breaths and connect to your...
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Bye Felicia 2020, Hello 2021! (upcoming live workshop)

Are you ready to say Bye Felicia to the Dumpster fire that is 2020? 

We CAN be grateful for things that shifted for the better this year and still be incredibly relieved to see the back end of 2020!

This is a review of my year so you can think about it for yourself and tune into what you want to take into 2021 and what you want to leave behind. 

My 2020 in Review: Lessons and Ups and Downs

January: I decided to take my presently 100% online healing business to the streets. I mapped out the entire year for workshops, retreats and in-person venues. Feeling pretty excited and confident. I told my clients that I would be stopping 1:1 work and focusing on group experiences and in person work.

February: Finishing up with clients and making the transition to in-person life. Hearing grumblings of a strange flu in China. I decide to dismiss this as paranoia and hey, it’s China, so far away and hope all is well, but not going to let it worry me. We find out our dog...

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