Bye Felicia 2020, Hello 2021! (upcoming live workshop)

Are you ready to say Bye Felicia to the Dumpster fire that is 2020? 

We CAN be grateful for things that shifted for the better this year and still be incredibly relieved to see the back end of 2020!

This is a review of my year so you can think about it for yourself and tune into what you want to take into 2021 and what you want to leave behind. 

My 2020 in Review: Lessons and Ups and Downs

January: I decided to take my presently 100% online healing business to the streets. I mapped out the entire year for workshops, retreats and in-person venues. Feeling pretty excited and confident. I told my clients that I would be stopping 1:1 work and focusing on group experiences and in person work.

February: Finishing up with clients and making the transition to in-person life. Hearing grumblings of a strange flu in China. I decide to dismiss this as paranoia and hey, it’s China, so far away and hope all is well, but not going to let it worry me. We find out our dog...

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People Pleasers Will Save the World

Today, I realized that we have things all wrong. The world is a messy entanglement of opposition, conflict and cancel culture. The popular response to most things we don’t agree with is to fight it out--see who can yell the loudest about who is right. The more divisive and mean the argument style, the more victorious the arguer seems to be. Like we used to say in high school: ooooh buuuurrrrnnn. We see this mounting callousness coming towards us like a runaway train. Yet, all we can do is look on in horror and shield our eyes. 

Society seems to tell us the louder and meaner we can be, the better off we are. Well, guess what? That’s a race to the bottom. That’s why I’m sending out a plea to all my fellow people pleasers (I call you Empowered People Pleasers, or EPPYS for short). We need you to save the world.

Save, not Sabotage or Self-Abandon

Let me be clear, I don’t want you to run out and do what I did for the first 30ish years of my life:...

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5 Reasons You Need to Stop Letting Things Slide and Finally Speak Your Truth

This month’s theme is Speaking Your Truth! When it comes to being yourself and living your truth, nothing is more important than speaking up for yourself and claiming what you want from life. To get us started I’ve summarized the 5 Reasons You Need to Stop Letting Things Slide and Finally Speak Your Truth below. Post this where you can see it to remind you why you can’t stay silent about what you want any longer.

1. The world is not Psychic
Even if you have highly tuned spidey senses, you can’t assume everyone else is like that. Maybe you are always the one to guess what someone is going to say, or you’re really good at reading people. This doesn’t mean you want to live by the assumption that others are that dialed into you. And your life is too important to lose energy getting hurt or upset because the world around you hasn’t responded to your inner desires. They are inner because you have not spoken them out loud yet (see #5).

2. ...

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How to Stand Up for Yourself as a People Pleaser

Here are some tips on how to navigate cringe-worthy conversations and interactions as an Empowered People Pleaser in the making. Yes, you CAN get there!

The Familiar Knee Jerk Behaviour

  • You swallow that lump in your throat called anger/annoyance/hurt because you don’t want to upset anyone by being upset.

Welcome to my teens and most of my twenties. At the time I imagined myself on my deathbed, accommodating my loved ones, gasping out these words: "It's rush hour. No worries, I'll wait."

The All Too Familiar Scenario

  • I’m standing in a really long line-up and someone boldly steps in front of me.

People Pleaser response: You roll your eyes, but of course you don't let the unscrupulous person see this—that would be rude!

Empowered People Pleaser response: “I was in front of you. The line is back there."

The All Too Familiar Scenario Number Two

  • A friend says they’ll call you back and then they don't. Then they...
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