People Pleasers Will Save the World

Today, I realized that we have things all wrong. The world is a messy entanglement of opposition, conflict and cancel culture. The popular response to most things we don’t agree with is to fight it out--see who can yell the loudest about who is right. The more divisive and mean the argument style, the more victorious the arguer seems to be. Like we used to say in high school: ooooh buuuurrrrnnn. We see this mounting callousness coming towards us like a runaway train. Yet, all we can do is look on in horror and shield our eyes. 

Society seems to tell us the louder and meaner we can be, the better off we are. Well, guess what? That’s a race to the bottom. That’s why I’m sending out a plea to all my fellow people pleasers (I call you Empowered People Pleasers, or EPPYS for short). We need you to save the world.

Save, not Sabotage or Self-Abandon

Let me be clear, I don’t want you to run out and do what I did for the first 30ish years of my life:...

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How to Have Mutually Loving Relationships (Without Abandoning or Sabotaging Yourself)

The People Pleaser Dilemma

If you’re a self-professed people pleaser like I am, you are sensitive and have big love to share! The problem is you also have a big fear that if you reveal your True Self, you will end up alone. So you do your utmost to twist into an emotional pretzel and make everything smooth in your relationships or potential relationships. When you abandon yourself to make others happy, they know this on some level and they either a) reject you or b) make you feel alone within the relationship. You are not experiencing true love and intimacy. Nobody is being real. So how do you turn this around to finally relax, be yourself and feel loved?

Be Aware of Your Heart 

Easy to talk about, I know, believe me. I ignored my body from the neck down for the first twenty-three years of my life to the detriment of my relationships (all dysfunctional and painful), my body (chronic digestive and skin issues) and mind (negative outlook and mood swings) and soul...

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Here is Why You Want to Trust Your Heart to Make Your Decisions (Instead of Your Mind)

Why You Can’t Trust Your Heart

Society teaches you to make logical and sound decisions by using your head. You may have had family members tell you as a child: “Use Your Head!” This statement implies that if you follow your heart, you are foolish. Or at the very least, you’ll be led astray and have to come back to reality by using your head once your life goes sideways. The barometer for building a life with a good job, solid relationship and financial stability is to use your head. Is it any wonder you don’t trust your heart?!

Well, I’m here to tell you that although we most certainly need our mind to perform duties in the world and be able to function from day to day, the mind is not the sharpest tool in the shed. 

Your heart is the one to bet on. Your heart is very intelligent. If you don’t believe me, follow any research being done by Heart Math or other organizations that study the heart and all it’s magnificent...

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Here’s How to Tune Into Your Heart (Even If You Think You Can’t)

If you’ve been struggling to tune into your heart for years, you might think there is no way to learn how or worry that something is inherently wrong with you. Feeling out of touch with your own heart is isolating, sad and confusing. In the midst of my deep healing journey, I discovered a deceptively obvious and effective way to tune into your heart that has worked for me and my clients. It’s helped us feel more connected, loved and supported. This process and framework has completely changed my own life and relationships!

3 Pillar Framework to Tune Into Your Heart

True Awareness

True Awareness solves the problem of being in the dark about your own feelings, desires and choices. The more you allow yourself to be in denial or unable to face your truth, the less aware you will be. When you choose to see your life through rose-coloured glasses, you lose your ability to tune into the heart. It’s like saying, “I’m perfectly fine in my job, it pays the...

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What is your Truth Speaker Archetype?

Learn from your Archetype, so you can speak your truth with more confidence and feel more alive and supported being you!

What is an Archetype and how can it help you?

Caroline Myss, a spiritual teacher and author who bases a substantial body of her work on archetypes, describes the concept on her website:

“Awareness of archetypes dates back at least to the time of Plato, who called them Forms. The great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung developed this idea further. For Jung, archetypes comprised psychological patterns derived from historical roles in life, such as the Mother, Child, Trickster, and Servant, as well as universal events or situations, including Initiation or Death and Rebirth.” 

One piece of my framework for healing that I’ve used on myself and my clients with great success is: True Awareness. We must be aware of ourselves at a deeper level so we can make empowered choices. 

Being conscious of how we express ourselves (speak our truth)...

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These 3 Fears Could Be Stopping You From Speaking Your Truth

If your mouth feels like it’s sealed with super glue every time you attempt to tell a loved one how you really feel or when you try to tell your boss what you really want, you are not alone. Today, I want to share 3 fears that could be stopping you from speaking your truth.

For the first 30 years of my life, I could’ve had a very successful career as a mime. When I attempted to make my voice heard, I would quickly revert to the smile and nod move instead. 

Not being able to communicate who you really are when it counts drains you. You feel exhausted. You feel down. You feel insignificant and alone. And you certainly can’t create a life you want by staying silent. 

Overcome These Fears

I don’t want you to continue to suffer in silence which is why I wrote this post--to give you the knowledge that will give you the tools to overcome these fears. I’ve seen these fears trip up my clients and I struggled with them for years until I...

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5 Reasons You Need to Stop Letting Things Slide and Finally Speak Your Truth

This month’s theme is Speaking Your Truth! When it comes to being yourself and living your truth, nothing is more important than speaking up for yourself and claiming what you want from life. To get us started I’ve summarized the 5 Reasons You Need to Stop Letting Things Slide and Finally Speak Your Truth below. Post this where you can see it to remind you why you can’t stay silent about what you want any longer.

1. The world is not Psychic
Even if you have highly tuned spidey senses, you can’t assume everyone else is like that. Maybe you are always the one to guess what someone is going to say, or you’re really good at reading people. This doesn’t mean you want to live by the assumption that others are that dialed into you. And your life is too important to lose energy getting hurt or upset because the world around you hasn’t responded to your inner desires. They are inner because you have not spoken them out loud yet (see #5).

2. ...

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Musings of a Recent Insomniac

  1. The less sleep one has had, the more noisy it is during the wee hours. Example, a random person ringing our intercom at 4:50 am, after having randomly buzzed 6 other units in consecutive fashion. Don’t worry, no one let them in.

  2. The more I want to sleep, the more my cat wants me to play during the 3-5 am window. Example, pacing our bedroom, stopping at my side of the bed to meow, then going around to the other side to caterwaul at the cat next door, who also loves to jump onto their deck at 4:30 am.

  3. The more silence I need for sleep, the more noise everyone in the world likes to make. Example, starting up the lawnmower below my window at 8 am after I’ve just found a cozy window of sleep the hour before that.

  4. Sleep seems to be essential for a grumpy free existence.

  5. The hours between 3-5 am is the perfect time to mentally discuss all the characters in Downton Abbey.

  6. The more summery the season becomes, the louder and more enthusiastic the birds are. At 3 am.

  7. This list...
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My To Do List to Help the World (It's not what you think)

The chaos from the much needed changes happening in the world is overwhelming. 

Social media is filled with hysterical posts, mean posts, callous and unfeeling posts, posts about what to do, posts about what not to do, contradictory posts that says what others say you should do is the opposite of what you should do … and memes like this one which actually is my favourite.

As a white woman with a type A personality who suffered burn out more times than I care to count until I finally figured out how to take of myself ... who still wants to be anti-racist while fulfilling my life purpose of making the world a better place ... but this time without losing my sanity, physical strength and trust in humanity ... I’ve created an unconventional to do list that may surprise you (who doesn’t love a good list?): 

My To Do List to Help the World

This is not an exhaustive list and it is a process. I’ll be adding to it as needed. Read on for a sneak...

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I see you.

This memory came to mind as I was wondering how to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING, in response to the systemic injustices, terrorism and racism being waged against black people and people of colour. I don’t have the answers, but I can’t stay SILENT as a white person, so I hope these words give some comfort as they are intended to do.

When I was about six years old my parents had some friends over for dinner. As things really got underway and the wine was flowing, our guests and my parents became louder and more animated. I sat in the corner and at the time my head barely reached the table and I had the sense that I was almost invisible. I ate my steak, chewing and taking in the conversation in the best way that a six-year-old can.

Suddenly, a piece of the steak slid down my throat before I was ready and became lodged in my windpipe.

I tried very had to swallow and force the food down, but nothing happened. Immediately, my body went into panic mode and my eyes went big. I...

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