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What is Empowered Love Manifesting? (And Why You Need to Know How to Do It)

Jan 13, 2021

If you feel like no matter what you do, you attract the same relationships, keep reading!


I know how it feels when you try really hard to have a new experience in relationships and you meet an awesome guy, then two weeks later he turns out to be exactly like your ex.


Ugh.And you even went out and bought all those manifesting love candles and crystals, but the Universe got it SO wrong. 


The problem is that you are trying to attract someone different but you haven’t found a different space within yourself. I’ve outlined a powerful process below that I’ve used to manifest the love of my life and I’ve helped my clients with as well. 


Empowered Love Manifesting 


Empowered Love Manifesting is bringing in the love that you want from a place of being aware, accepting and connected to yourself. 


Empowered Love Manifesting brings you what you truly desire, not the people pleasing version of what you want. 


If you are not deeply aware (what I call True Awareness) of what you want…


If you are not deeply accepting (what I call True Acceptance) of all aspects of you…


If you are not deeply connected (what I call True Connection) to the most sacred part of yourself…


You will only manifest from your old experiences and relationship patterns. 


Do you have True Awareness of the love that you want?


I’m not talking about your potential beloved’s height, hair colour and clothing style (although those pieces are important). I’m asking you to look at who you are in a deeper way. 


Do you love to stay indoors and read books?

Are you interested in politics? 

What is your favourite way to spend a vacation? An evening?

How do you feel cherished? 

What kind of people make you happy to be around?


Do you have True Acceptance of the love you want?


Here’s where it can get tricky. If you are embarrassed to admit that you don’t like going out or you can’t get real with the fact that you enjoy alone time, you will have a hard time attracting someone who is a true soulmate. In other words, if you can’t be honest and accepting of your true feelings and desires, you’re going to get the people pleasing version of a mate. Not your True Soulmate.


Do you have True Connection to the love you want?


Have you sat down and felt in your heart what it would feel like to be with your special someone? Do you truly connect to the intangible experiences of joy, connectedness and intimacy in your heart and body? Without this deep dive into the realm of emotions and your True Self, you will again attract a surface level person who will end up being like the rest of your past relationships. 

Bring it all together


Take a look at your level of True Awareness, True Acceptance and True Connection and find the answers you’re looking for. This will give you deep clarity and ultimately will make you an Empowered Love Manifestor.  


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