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What I love about 2020: Fairytales and Magic Do Exist

Dec 23, 2020

This week my intention is to inspire you and help you see that life and love can be magical, no matter what is going on around you.  


Last week I talked about the dumpster fire that is 2020 and this week I want to balance things out by infusing your life or just the next ten minutes, with positivity and happiness! I’m not talking about Pollyanna and her hyper-happiness. This is the good stuff, rooting in reality and awareness.


Magic #1

I had time with my fiance and he was still paid--in other words, he was working less time because of the pandemic but getting the same pay. I also had money when it was needed and kept my business running because it was online already. We had quality time together. No chaos and money drama like I’ve had in the past. If you had known me even 5 years ago, I would’ve been lamenting about missed payments, lost checks in the mail, unexpected expenses weighing me down, etc. Not anymore! 


Magic #2

 Despite the pandemic and the crazy upside down world of senior care homes, my Nana still managed to stay in the hospital when she needed the help and she was moved to a nice care home with more comprehensive care for her. This all happened seamlessly. Even when her home had an outbreak of COVID-19 she still remains healthy. 


Magic #3

 I had less running around to do. It’s amazing when you realize you don’t have to get caught up in the busyness of life. You can actually get along without chasing your tail. This was a big magic moment realization for me! I’ve read books, done puzzles, taken a lot of time to do meditations and inner work for myself. I’ve shed an amazing amount of old patterns this year. 



 I say this every week and it never gets old--I’m marrying the love of my life during a pandemic (on December 27th to be exact)!

 One of the reasons I keep bringing it up is because I was where you may be right now: feeling hopeless and miserable and stuck in a vicious cycle of painful relationships or long stretches of isolation. 

 You can create your own Fairytale (and I use this word in the sense of childlike wonder and enthusiasm, not fantasy and dysfunction).


 It is possible.

It is doable.

It is, in fact, inevitable that you will end up with the love of your life too. 

You just need the right kind of support and an inner commitment to do what it takes to get there. 


 Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Many Blessings and Sending lots of Love to YOU!


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