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The True Power Quest for Empaths

Aug 25, 2021

As an Empath it can be very hard to figure out who you are. You are so good at being in everyone else's feels that you lose yourself. I wrote out a simple before and after snapshot of the true power quest to remember who you are and highlighted the tangible changes that are available to you. This quest is a work in progress and only deepens over time, but it helps to get a visual of what changes you will see along the way. 

Let me know if this resonates!

Before Embarking on True Power Quest:


  1. You have intense, unexplainable emotions that wash over you without notice
  2. You feel exhausted even if you get a ton of sleep
  3. Frequently people behave strangely around you (lash out angrily, blame you for their problems)
  4. You have a tendency to overwork yourself
  5. You take the blame for anything and everything (guilt is your middle name)
  6. You pride yourself on getting shit done (checklists, organizational mastery)
  7. You love being in control
  8. The world is overwhelming and you get sad when bad things happen--to the point where you can’t focus on anything you’re doing
  9. You experience chronic digestive issues or skin issues
  10. You have aches and pains that seem to have no logical explanation
  11. You are lonely and isolated, feeling like the world hates you and no one wants to be around you. 

After the True Power Quest (ongoing):


  1. You feel intense, unexplainable emotions, process and release them, learning what is yours and what is not yours: Lighter
  2. You sleep comfortably, knowing how to deal with what keeps you up at night ( for example, racing thoughts and anxiety)
  3. You surround yourself with supportive people and put up boundaries around “problem” individuals AND also, you notice “problem” people behaving more lovingly around you
  4. You take rest and enjoy your quiet time, knowing you are good enough to enjoy down time
  5. You are responsible for your own emotions and circumstances. Period. Knowing the source of the guilt and able to release that old pattern.
  6. This is still on point. Who doesn’t love a good ole type A around?
  7. You’ve learned to release your grip on situations and know the triggers of wanting to grasp onto control, knowing your tools help you stay calm and in the flow. 
  8. You feel emotions, you witness others in their pain and support them with an open, loving heart. And you take care of yourself and your own needs.
  9. You have a health protocol that supports your body and your emotional connection to yourself. 
  10. You feel more relaxed and flexible in your body. At home.
  11. You are surrounded by your soul community who love you for all your quirkiness and magic!


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