Sensitive Person PSA: #1 Reason You Feel Tired All the Time (And Powerful Tips to Shift this Pattern)

Apr 19, 2021

April is Stress Awareness month and I can’t think of a more stressful experience than being tired all the time. You drag yourself through your day, you have various aches and pains and you never get to your heartfelt, exciting goals. 


You miss out and your days blend together until another year passes and you’re no closer to writing your book, starting your business or traveling to your dream locale. 


I will mention the elephant in the room: get restful sleep, eat nourishing food, drink plenty of water, move your body and practice good sleep habits. For some of you reading this who have done all the obvious things and still feel exhausted and soul weary, read on. 


As a sensitive, empathic person you feel things very deeply. Not only do you feel what you’re feeling with a great intensity, but you also feel what your family and friends are feeling. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that your first instinct would be to try to dial this ability down. You want to turn the volume down on the feels because who wants to feel like they are emotionally on fire all the time?


No judgement here. We all want to feel good. What I’d like to point out is that in trying to feel good in the short term, you are creating a life sucking, draining practice that leaves you feeling tired even with eight hours sleep. 


Check in with yourself and see which one of these energy draining coping mechanisms you use the most:


  1. Protect/armour/guard/tense up your energy, body and heart against the world. You may avoid going places or talking to certain people as part of this.

  2. Spend lots of time and money on “healing/fixing/managing” your sensitivity.

  3. Concentrate on turning up your vibes, being positive and making the most of everything. Turning lemons into lemonade.


As an Empath (sensitive person), I have done all of these things and I still have a daily practice of nurturing and self-care to honour my process and spot when I might slip into this mode. 


The number one reason you are tired all the time is: you’re trying to be who you aren’t. In other words, you’re running from your sensitivity. 


Think about how much energy it takes to forcibly redirect your entire way of being into a more “acceptable” mode. 


Is it starting to make sense now? 


What can you do instead?


  1. Open and expand: intend to open your heart more when you feel things. It’s counterintuitive and uncomfortable but your energy and power comes from dialing it up, not down.

  2. Lean into your sensitivity. Write down 10 ways your sensitivity is a treasure and a gift. 

  3. Dive into the feelings you’re having. Ask yourself every day: how am I feeling? Tune into your emotions and experiences and commit to making this a daily practice.


These simple and powerful techniques will help you be more energetic and free, breaking the chains that have bound you and directing you to live in the fullness of what you truly want.


What could be more life-affirming and exciting than that?


Which of the three actions will you try today? Comment below!


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