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This Blocks Your Self-Expression and Personal Power

Jul 02, 2021

If you’re like me as a sensitive empath you’ve had your challenges when it comes to expressing yourself.


Maybe you’re ok with expressing yourself to one or two loved ones, but you freak out when you’re around people who don’t seem to get you.


Or maybe you can only express yourself about certain topics. 


I totally get it. 


I wanted to talk to you about what can thwart your self-expression and personal power: staying silent on your values and what you stand for.


When you hold your tongue on important topics like climate change, animal rights, the food industry, social justice and human rights issues, you are tying up a lot of your energy into knots. 


This has a ripple effect on your own life. When you stay quiet about something, your brilliance is never contributed. Your expression about what you care about is a healing for the issue. Your care and attention around your particular cause is like a soothing salve. 

Plus you express your deep values and you become anchored in yourself. You connect deeply to who you are.


Try it today: tell a friend or loved one or colleague about a cause or issue you really care about. Give others permission to do the same! 


This is true empathy at work and using your sensitive nature as your strength. Contribute your brilliance.


Here is my statement of self-expression:


I deeply care about justice, equity and reconciliation for Indigenous people, particularly in Canada, where I was born.  I worked with First Nations and Metis youth for 6 years when I started my social services and I had the honour of learning from Elders who were instrumental in starting me on my Spiritual path of healing in earnest. I love the beautiful teachings that I hold dear to me to this day and I resonate with the Indigenous way of living in close harmony and respect of nature and animals. 


I did not celebrate Canada Day yesterday, July 1, because I do not want to celebrate. 


I want to send love and be in deep contemplation for who I am as a Canadian and listen to the First Nations and Metis peoples. My heart goes out to the murdered children who are being found on the sites of residential schools and all the grieving Indigenous people around the world. I am grateful the children are being found so they can be brought back home to their families for proper respect and burial. And the true healing can begin. 


Comment below with your own statement of self-expression.


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