Releasing Judgment & Negative Self-Talk

Mar 26, 2021

If you are like me and many others, then you either have struggled or you currently struggle with that little voice in your head telling you everything you are doing is wrong. It seems like no matter how great your day is going one small inconvenience can distort your whole mood for the rest of the day.

Your mood all comes down to your mindset and allowing yourself to feel that inner confidence no matter what is happening in your life. Maybe you made a typo on an important email and now your boss is upset with you. Do you let it affect the rest of your day or do you say “I made a mistake. How can I ensure this doesn’t happen again”? Throughout life, we will come up against roadblocks, both physically and mentally. It is our confidence in ourselves that will make or break us. If we let these roadblocks define us then over time we will continue to be unhappy, have self-judgment and put ourselves down. 

For example, if you are in a toxic romantic relationship and every day you are criticized about your physical appearance or the “lack of work you put into the home” how do you think this will affect the rest of your tasks?

Will you be excited and motivated to get up and go to the gym every day? Would you want to clean the house more? NO, you will feel resentment towards those activities that you are being put down for. 

This goes for self-judgment as well. If you continue to put yourself down over an insecurity in your life, you will grow to resent that insecurity instead of welcoming it and learning how to turn that insecurity into confidence.

I want to give you a few exercises to use when you start to feel negative self-talk bubbling up to your brain. 


  1. Go onto Pinterest or Instagram and find 10 affirmations based on confidence,  self-empowerment, and self-worth. Write them on your mirror, put them as your phone background or set them as reminders throughout the day. Having positivity come your way in any form is beneficial when trying to combat negative self-talk.
  2. Go to Target or Hobby Lobby ( or whatever your favorite store is) and buy a cute journal. It doesn’t have to be large or anything fancy. This will be for when you feel like those negative thoughts are coming up. Write them down and next to those negative words, across the page, you write down the positive side of those words. For example, if I write down: “I am overwhelmed at work”  ------>.  “I am trusted with big projects because my boss knows I can do it”
  3. Listen to upbeat and positive music, find your favorite songs that motivate you, put them into a playlist, and put your earphones in when you are feeling down!


Just know that we all struggle with this; we all have negative feelings about ourselves. We need to work together to avoid these negative thoughts and turn them into positives. We are beautiful human beings who deserve to be happy!

Which suggestion will you implement today? Let me know!



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