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Protecting Your Energy as an Empath Doesn't Work

Aug 06, 2021

I know I’ll ruffle some feathers with this post, but that’s just fine with me. I want to call out the outdated practices that are keeping you small and stopping you from being in your true power. 


If you’ve been around the spiritual block, most likely you’ve come across the idea of Shields, Protective Bubbles, and surrounding yourself with White Light. As an Empath, you’ve done this practice for years because it’s the only thing that feels like it works. In other words, protecting your energy is the only thing that makes you feel safe as a sensitive person in this loud, overwhelming world. 


Truth bomb: Is it really working? 


  1. Are you at peace around “low vibes”?
  2. Do you feel like you can take up space and express yourself no matter who is around or what they are doing?
  3. Can you shine and go about your business expressing yourself when you have your shields/protective bubbles/white light up? 


Or is it true that ...


  1. You still avoid people, places and things that trigger you
  2. You have digestive and skin issues that seem to come out of nowhere 
  3. You feel hesitant about taking up space
  4. You are overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. All. The. Time. 




If you want a new practice that actually honours who you really are, then read on!


Expand Your Energy


  1. Close your eyes and go into your heart space. 
  2. Visualize your own essence and energy field expanding 360 degrees around you as big as the room you’re in, the city, the country, world and beyond.
  3. Make an intention to stay in your own energy (personal power)
  4. When you feel like there are low vibes or someone is purging their junk around you, consciously expand your energy out again.


This is the way to claim your personal power, take up space, energize yourself and be calm and focused. 


Pretty amazing for such a simple technique, right? I can’t tell you the amazing shifts I’ve had in my life and my clients lives from doing this. 


And I can’t wait to hear how you feel after you try this!! Let me know. 


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