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Overwhelm Hack: Stop Fearing Space

May 27, 2021

Being overwhelmed feels like dealing with a disorienting, confusing amount of stimulus swirling around you. 


You don’t know if you’re coming or going. 

You don’t know what day it is. 

And you can’t make a decision because you don’t know what to focus on. 


Sound familiar? 


As a sensitive empath you probably experience these feelings and thoughts quite often. 


Have you ever wondered why you are prone to this level of overwhelm, so often?


Working with hundreds of clients around the world and navigating my own challenges as an empath have brought me to this answer. The number one reason, or the root cause of your overwhelm is this: 


Fear of spaciousness. 


Say what??!


Let me explain. When I say fear of spaciousness, I’m not referring to something like the anxiety disorder called Agoraphobia which causes people to fear open spaces (among other things). 


What I’m talking about is the fear of YOUR spaciousness. 


For example, you may have been taught growing up to make yourself small and dim your light. 


So, if you were to go outside of that imprinted conditioning and SHINE BRIGHT (be the expansive, spacious being you truly are!), like publishing a book, moving across the country or meeting the love of your life and having a Westley and Buttercup True Love-A-Thon, it would be wildly uncomfortable.


Your unconscious self would say, quick we need to fill our spaciousness, so we feel the opposite of spacious: cluttered. Being cluttered is the recipe for being overwhelmed. 


How does a sensitive empath become cluttered? By filling their spaciousness with other people’s stuff, of course!


Your ability to tune into other people’s emotions and read the room is your way of sweeping your environment for stuff. You bring it into your experience and immediately feel not-spacious. 

The byproduct of filling yourself up with clutter, unfortunately, is to feel overwhelmed.



Spaciousness = peaceful, calm, powerful

Cluttered = overwhelmed, exhausted, full of doubt


Now what can we do instead of filling yourself with clutter? 




When the world wants you to fear your spaciousness, expand.


When you feel small and dim, expand.


When you are afraid, expand. 


It’s like exhaling and stretching. It feels so good and clears out all the clutter!


It really is that simple. 


Take time during your day to intentionally expand. 


Say it in your mind: I’m expanding now


Write it down: I expand


Sing it and dance it around the kitchen with your favourite dance song!

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Let me know how this feels and what you experience: comment below 


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