Here's a Quick + Powerful Way to Overcome Overwhelm (For Sensitive Empaths)

Apr 28, 2021

It’s the end of Stress Awareness Month in April and we’re heading into Mental Health Month for May. Two perfect segues into my topic: overwhelm. Let's discuss.


What is Overwhelm?


The basic definition is: to be too much to deal with.


More importantly though, how do we experience overwhelm?


For me, overwhelm feels like an ascending tornado of energy that starts at your feet and consumes your whole body, with building force as it makes its way up to your head. 


Here are some of the symptoms of overwhelm that I’ve noticed in myself and the experiences that others have described:


  • Cloudy, brain fog, not knowing your “whereabouts” (not literally), whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually

  • Confused, can’t find the beginning or the end of the situation or circumstance or problem

  • Behind the eight ball, impending “deadline” of some kind that feels impossible to meet

  • Not being able to get your roots or claws into anything, feeling rudderless in the middle of the ocean without a compass

What is on the other side of Overwhelm?


  • Feeling excitement, feeling energized

  • Being clear and motivated

  • Feeling free to jump in and take action that feels good

  • Feeling in the flow, with plenty of time and space

How to get to the other side of Overwhelm


Draw a power quest map. 


Take out a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle. Write the text "I am here" in the circle.

Describe what “here” is with lines that extend from the circle. Examples are, “tired, frustrated, 2 weeks behind on my work”

Then draw another circle called power.

Describe power with lines that extend from this circle. Examples are, “relaxed, alive, in the flow”


Now draw connecting lines from the “I am here” circle to the power circle. 


Make these lines represent quests. For example,


  1. Emotional Exploration Quest: Journal about how you're feeling that day
  2. What Does it Take Quest? What will take me from overwhelm to power? Write down ideas and thoughts that come to you. Connect the lines individually to the two circles
  3. Reward Quest: Celebration ideas when you make your way towards power!
  4. Becoming Quest: Going from power to overwhelm. What are 3 traits I develop? Ex. patience, compassion, understanding.
  5. Gratitude Quest: say a few kind words for the experience and everything you learned from being overwhelmed. 


Refer back to your drawing for inspiration and a literal map to turn your overwhelm into power!


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