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Just a Buncha Myth Busting Facts About Empaths

Aug 18, 2021

I’m a Spiritual Teacher + Empath and have been working with Empaths for over 10 years. What I’ve learned (and am still learning) on my own personal quest to remember who I am and what I’ve observed in helping my clients go on their own personal quest, is that there are a lot of limiting beliefs about Empaths out there. 

I would like to bring a new perspective to the table, to empower you, so you can feel better about yourself AND contribute your magic into the world. We need it!

Myth #1 Empaths are harmed by emotions

This is disempowered belief numero uno! First problem is that Empaths have trouble differentiating between their emotions and the emotions of others. Second problem is that Empaths internalize the emotions to make it mean that they are not wanted, hated and/or rejected by society as a whole, and people in their life, specifically. The result is that Empaths feel like garbage emotionally and lose their energy and confidence right out of the gate.

Truth: Emotions don’t harm Empaths. How the Empath is navigating and managing the emotions is what is harmful. 

Quick exercise: Allow emotions to be what they are without judging them. You don’t even have to know if they are yours or not. Simply say, “I’m feeling the emotion of jealousy. I allow it to flow through my body. I see you, I accept you. I free you.” 

Myth #2 Empaths can’t do boundaries

A boundary is how an Empath takes up space in the world. You can have emotional, physical, mental, and energetic boundaries. Because Empaths are so good at putting themselves in other people’s shoes, they can’t find where they end and someone else begins. This is your greatest strength! 

Truth: Empaths do boundaries differently. They are so good at being fluid and going where everyone else is, they think they have no boundaries. But really it’s their flexibility and presence that makes them such an amazing phenomenon. Empaths can be everywhere at once. Their core essence of who they truly are is their anchor and the rest flows out into the world--as it should do. 

Quick exercise: Close your eyes and tune into your body and your heart space. Imagine expanding your energy out into the world as big as it will go. Take up space. Keep your connection to your heart which is your anchor and your assurance that you can’t ever lose yourself by taking up space. Observe how you feel and how others respond to you. 

Myth #3 Empaths need to protect their energy

This myth is the most outdated one. Putting up shields, white light and different barriers energetically is fear based and coming from a false belief. The more an Empath puts up barriers, the less powerful they will feel. This practice undermines the confidence of an Empath big time. Not to mention draining all their energy trying to hold up the shields. The fear is what attracts others who want to take advantage of them (for example, the Narcissist). 

The false belief is that Empaths are weak. In fact, if you look at #2 you’ll see that I said Empaths can be everywhere at once. This ability is powerful! Do you know what an amazing gift that is to know and experience what others are experiencing? The compassionate heart of the Empath can teach others how to understand each other. The Empath can show the world what it’s like to be moved enough to change something. The disconnection from others and their experience is what creates the ability to make decisions that are not in the best interest of all. It is impossible to do heartless things when we are all deeply connected to each other. 

Truth: Empaths are valuable and powerful. In fact they are so powerful, they can tune into the entire world if they want to. The key is to change your perspective: “Wow! I’m so powerful I can feel the entire world.”

Quick exercise: Close your eyes and tune into your heart. Put your feelers out to get a collective vibe of your neighbourhood or your home. The important part is not to judge them or internalize the experience. If you feel rage, sadness, joy or fear, they are all human emotions that deserve to be recognized. You are not being destroyed by anything you feel. Emotions don’t kill you, they give you powerful insight. Then ask yourself--how can I teach this? What can I do with this information?

I hope you now have a deeper understanding of yourself and how powerful and amazing you are! Let me know what you think of these myths and what your experience of the exercises were, I would love to know!

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