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How to Successfully Navigate Your Mind Clutter: A Power Quest

Jun 24, 2021

Imagine you’re on a Quest for your own Power. You pack (find out what to pack here) and set off, full of enthusiasm!


True Power here I come. 


Not long into your True Power Quest, you come upon a path that leads into a dark forest. You know where you need to go, but you want the most direct route.


This forest does not seem like a direct route, yet you see no alternative. Reluctantly, you step into the forest. As you continue on the trees become more and more snarled and feel closer together. You can’t see the forest for the trees! 


The trees start to talk to you. 


They say things like, “You’re wasting your time. You’ll never make it to True Power. You have always been one to give up. You don’t have the stamina and strength to finish this.”


Ouch. You have met the Inner Bully family of Fir trees. They are ruthless. The more you walk, the louder their taunting becomes. You cover your ears and try to continue forward. Now you’ve lost your way. You don’t know if you’ve come around this way or not. 


Finally, you’ve had it. You look up and shout, “You don’t control me! I am true to myself. I am a powerful being. I intend to hear my True Self!”


In the distance you hear a whispery voice say: “You are beautiful and powerful. You can do this. Keep going.”


Your body relaxes and you continue the journey. You are listening so intently to the whispers that suddenly you realize the Bully trees have become a background hum that is hardly noticeable. 

You enjoy a peaceful time and walk with more confidence. 


Presently you stumble upon a giant stone head. It speaks with a booming, arrogant voice.


“I am the all mighty mind. I am superior to the heart and soul. Listen to me or perish.” 


You start to get lulled into a sense of identity with this mind and become convinced that the mind is indeed the cream of the crop. 


You listen to this head as it barks orders: “You must walk this way. There is no other way out of this forest. Only go this way.”


You go around the same path several times until you realize you are lost.


You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and filled with fear and doubt. 


Then you hear the faint whisper again: “Go forward through this patch of prickly bushes. It will lead you out of here.”


You decide to follow the whisper. You step through the prickles and out into the sunlight!


You are free! Your heart opens and you look towards the sunlit path with flowers and open fields; you walk your path with a spring in your step. 

There you have it! Your True Power Quest through the Mind Clutter forest. 


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