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An Irish Tan

Jul 28, 2021

Hello Goddess {{first_name}}!

Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere! The grass looks like straw, my cat spends hours stretched out in various shady spots, and I have somewhat of a tan (aka the freckled Irish person’s tan, which is just many freckles joined closely together).

Maybe you’re enjoying some time off or you’re getting enjoyment out of your summer work outfits. Whatever the case may be, I wanted to touch base and say hi!

If you’re new to me, even better! We can get to know each other. 

With that said, comment below and let me know your favourite thing about summer (or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, what is your favourite thing about winter?).

A few fun facts about my community of Giggle Goddesses (that’s you!)

  1. You are a part of my community of sensitive empaths who are here to create the life they want (publish their book, find true love, start their dream business). You are looking for support to navigate through your (and other people’s) emotions and energy to finally be your magical self! Watch for regular (NOT aggressive level frequency) blogs, resources and inspiration!

  2. In case you haven’t guessed already, I consider it my purpose to giggle my way through life (yes, I was THAT child). So, are you ready to become a Giggle Goddess and go on personal Quests (think Hero’s Journey but with magic and giggles)? Then you’re absolutely in the right place!

  3. Connect with me on Instagram for ongoing support, hilarity and inspo: https://www.instagram.com/officialtrulyeleanor/

My mission is to overturn the stigma of sensitivity and help you overcome overwhelm and exhaustion as an empath, so you can finally contribute your brilliance to the world!  

And stay tuned because I have an invitation coming next week to participate in an epic 6 week FREE series starting in August, as a prequel to my True Power Quest. Yay! :)

Happy Summer-ing,



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