Inner Child Healing: Confessions of a Middle-Aged Woman

Apr 06, 2021

Few things bring me bigger joy than tiny toys. 


Have you ever picked up a miniature chair that a craftsperson lovingly designed with tiny tools? 


There is something so incredible about the skill, precision and artistry of this profession. Is the Making of Tiny Things a course being offered somewhere? How does one even get into that?!


The best memory I have of my childhood is when my Papa who was a very gifted cabinet maker/woodworker presented me with a handmade dollhouse. I couldn’t wait to fill it with tiny furniture, tiny dolls and all the accoutrements of the little doll world.


I went with my Nana to a small shop in Gastown located in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. We picked out tiny teacups and saucers, tiny chairs and a capsule wardrobe for the tiny occupants of my new dollhouse. 


I can’t even count the amount of hours I spent picking things up in the dollhouse and “playing house” as little children love to do. 


With a little bit of trepidation, I’ll have to admit that I still love that stuff even at the tender age of 47! Recently one of my friends bought me a mini office model kit and the same delight came rushing back to me (although this kit was meant for super hero model builders and almost a year later I’ve barely finished the frame for it). 


Now I fully understand grown ass adults who love tiny children’s toys and things like dollhouses. A whole new world has opened up for me and I’m probably going to hear from you if you want to fess up and tell me: “Hey, Eleanor! I also love tiny toys that are supposed to be only for children.” 


I say that jokingly because anything that makes you happy, giddy and joyful is worth embracing, especially now! Who is ready to tell me the slightly weird things they collect or love that are meant for “children”? Comment below!

Photo Credit: Friday Eve Photo Camilla Hrytzak


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