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What House Hunters Show Can Teach Us About Overwhelm

May 11, 2021

Are you making space for yourself: mentally, physically and emotionally?

One of the fastest ways to get overwhelmed is to fill your entire space with stuff. This happens when we have a cluttered environment, but it also happens when our internal self is cluttered. Imagine how messy it gets when the clutter isn’t even yours!

Think of the popular show House Hunters: a wildly incompatible couple wants to purchase their dream home. They tour a potential house and the first thing they say is: “I don’t like the paint” or “It’s not really my style.”

The point the show can never seem to get across is that they aren’t moving into a house filled with other people’s stuff. Or are they?

As a sensitive empath, how much of your mind, heart and internal self is filled with other people’s furniture and décor?

Take inventory:

1) How much of your thoughts are about other people, what they think of you or worrying about them

2) How much of your emotional terrain is about other people: are they mad at me? How can I ever trust someone when xyz rejected me so badly?

3) How much space you have in your body and energy: do you have people who are constantly in your face because you can’t tell them to back off?


1) Make an intention to take charge of your space: mind, heart and body/energy.

Journal about it or say it out loud or do a little ceremony for yourself.

Examples: I now take charge and ownership of my heart. I expand my energy out in every direction.

Smudge your body and intend to release anything that isn’t yours.

2) Ask for help from your Higher Self and God/Source/Universe.

3) Follow the guidance and nudges you get.

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