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Find True Love: Treasure Hunt Your Past

Sep 22, 2021

I don’t mean go back to your ex. Absolutely not. 

What I’m saying is go on a True Love Quest: Journey to the Past.

Find the fossils.

Find the broken plate that reminds you of your ancient dinner ritual of eating alone waiting for your ex to come home. 

Find the crumbling scrolls of forgotten words and broken promises. 

Ready to come with me? Get out your quill and dip it into the inkwell (remember to lick the quill before putting it into the ink, not after). List making time!

  1. Prepare your travel satchel: you’ll need a small hammer, rope and matches. That’s just basic survival. Add in durable clothes (what do you wear when traveling back in time to have your heart broken again? Hmmm, seems like wool would be good?). Cheese and bread and dried fruit for sustenance. Your magic potion: a hefty dose of “I am here now, not in the past” mist and a dash of “brave af” oil.

  2. Draw your map: this is a harrowing trail of old brambles and dark forests, small mountains and ice cold streams. You are headed straight to heartbreak mountain.

  3. Pick your magical travel companion: I would go with Pegacorn (Unicorn with wings!) or Dragons will do just fine.

  4. Set out on the road. Follow the trail; you’ve been here before. Keep your eye on the destination, don’t get lured away to “Glorifying Pasture” where you start to say, sigh, "He was so great, I wish I could go back there …" That is pure insanity and you know it! Snap out of it. Steady on.

  5. You reach the foot of the mountain and survey it. It’s nothing more than a mole hill. Huh. That’s a real eye opener. Make a note with your quill pen. This is a mole hill, NOT a mountain.

  6. Observe the mole hill. What is it telling you? Your past has been so huge and it really is a bitty thing in the concept of time. You are bigger than that now. You can look down on the molehill and see so many things from this perspective. How lovely you look in the reflection of the puddle beside it. How this mole hill was a big part of your life, but fits into your satchel now (don’t take it back with you!).

  7. You observe a hawk circling above and you feel a sense of peace and appreciation in your heart, even for this little mole hill.

  8. You return home with a hawk feather and a lightness in your heart.

Take this little journey in your mind’s eye once in a while so you can see where you’ve been. You can collect the valuable treasure of your hawk feather and return home to the knowledge of your value, beauty and strength, here and now. Who you are is a sensitive, heart-centred person with so much love to give and you are ready for more. 

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