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Your Essential Packing Guide to Embark on Your Giggle Goddess Adventure

Jun 18, 2021

Before I dive in, I’m sure you have questions. Like, what the heck is a Giggle Goddess Adventure?

I’m soooo glad you asked, because this adventure and the 411 I give you today is dear to my heart. 

First of all, a Giggle Goddess Adventure is your own personal hero’s journey as an Empath. The term Goddess doesn’t refer to your gender or identity: Goddess is an energy and a feeling of the fullness of you, your True Self. 

A Giggle Goddess Adventure is a self-empowerment journey to remember who you are. 

A Giggle Goddess Adventure is a journey to unlock your inner self-expression, feeling carefree as a child running through the grass!

A Giggle Goddess Adventure is a journey to harness your vitality and creativity so you can take action towards your dreams. 

“Giggling until tears roll down your face;

Smeared in finger paint; 

Without a care in the world”

Ok, are you with me now? 

Essential Giggle Goddess Adventure Packing Guide:

    1. Sense of humour 
    2. An Optimistic/Realistic/Believer in Magic Attitude Blend
    3. Oracle Cards
    4. Reusable Coffee mug
    5. COFFEE
    6. Power Amulet
    7. Plenty of Carbs like Bread, Crostini, Crackers + your favourite spread like Almond butter or Peppercorn Jelly
    8. Rock climbing gear
    9. Mythical Horse/Centaur/Unicorn depending on who is available
    10. A Journal, because duh, #journalingislife
    11. A really good pen (which I feel is hard to find these days)
    12. Your fave cute backpack/rucksack
    13. Stylish, yet comfortable and breathable gear, because you’ll be sweating profusely and crying and eating lots of carbs, so wash and wear is best. I’m kidding. Or am I? :)



There you have it! Everything you need to set out on the most delicious, exciting and important adventure of a lifetime: to find yourself and bring them home. 

PS. If you found this guide wildly entertaining and hilarious, share with your friends! And also, laughter is the greatest path to healing which is why as a Spiritual Teacher, I infuse all my tools and guidance with giggles and adventure!

PPS. If you're thinking, but I don't know where to go to remember who I am, don't worry. I'll address this in next week's blog.

What am I missing? Comment with your essential items!


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