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My Favourite Unique Way to Declutter (especially if your clutter isn't just stuff)

Jun 03, 2021

Spring cleaning season is here in the Northern Hemisphere!

The blossoming flowers, hummingbirds and fresh breezes of Springtime encourage us to refresh our surroundings. What better way to refresh than to de-clutter?


Clutter is anything that fills a space with chaos. You can clutter your home with useless, unnecessary or intrusive things. 


But have you thought about other types of clutter?


You can clutter your energy with the unresolved emotions of others (or yourself). 


You can clutter your mind with worrisome thoughts


In other words, clutter is the opposite of spaciousness and creativity and peace of mind.

Having clutter in your mind or energy can lead to feeling out of sorts, irritable, confused, disoriented, unfocused and lost. It can trigger self-doubt from feeling lost and confused. When you feel lost and confused you feel stuck. If you’re stuck you can’t accomplish anything. 


I find that sensitive empaths have a lot of clutter in their life in one or more of the ways I described above. Most often, the emotional and mental space is filled with clutter. 


So, instead of running to the store to buy a car full of clear bins, start where it will create the biggest impact: inside of you. 


How to Declutter Your Mind, Body and Soul


  1. Expand Your View. Answer these questions in your journal: What feelings and emotions do I experience most often? What thoughts run through my mind on a daily or weekly basis? What are my energy levels on a scale of 1-10 for the past 5 days?

  2. Shine Bright. Illuminate your triggers: What people, places and things make me feel most out of sorts? What is the emotional experience of this trigger (panic, frustration, irritability)

  3. Embrace Wild Possibilities. What do I want to experience this year? How do I want to feel most of the time? When have I felt most free and spacious? How can I add these experiences to my life?


Now the piece de resistance: Make space for your intentions. Write out 2-3 intentional statements that describe the space you are creating right now. 


Examples: I intend to be carefree in my mind, body and soul. I intend to feel spacious in all ways, every day. I intend to embrace my freedom now.


Read these out loud or keep them close by to look at regularly and breathe in the fresh Springtime air! 


Comment below with your own intentions!


Stay tuned for my upcoming FREE Declutter Your Castle Adventure where I will take you step by step through a process of creating space so you can have more energy, clarity and room to breathe in all areas of your life. Sign up for my mailing list to be notified of the deets (starts June 15).


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