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Is Clutter Keeping You from Sharing Your Brilliance?

Jun 08, 2021

Last week we talked about ways to declutter your mind, body and soul as a sensitive empath.


Today we talk about how clutter effects your life, specifically mind clutter. What would be possible if you weren’t paralyzed by it?


Imagine what kind of world we would have if you shared your brilliance.


What would change if you could share your emotional intelligence, foster creativity and open hearts?


For example, your art convinces others to see and feel the plight of others and TAKE ACTION to donate money to projects that create ACTUAL CHANGE.


Or your book lifts the hearts of others and brings about a MOVEMENT towards justice for marginalized people.


What if your speech or Ted Talk rallies people to TAKE ACTION AND STOP cruel factory farming practices?


Now think about all the worrisome, disturbing or distracting thoughts that circle around your head on a daily basis. Can you share your brilliance when your mind is overflowing with this type of clutter? (spoiler alert: it’s very difficult) 


Mind Clutter paralyzes you. 

Mind Clutter keeps you spinning your wheels.

Mind Clutter makes you tired and wired.




Here are some simple techniques to clear out the clutter and shine your brilliance into the world!


  1. Pure Awareness: What takes up the majority of space in your mind? 


Beating Yourself Up

Worry About the Future


Write these 3 titles on a page in your journal and start to see where most of your worrisome, disturbing thoughts come from. Which category comes up the most? Make a note of that. Now that you’re aware where the clutter comes from, you can start to take steps towards clearing it out. 


  1. Pure Acceptance: Forgive yourself for your patterns. As a sensitive empath you are hard wired to notice others and read the room. It’s perfectly natural that you project all your energy onto what others are doing and feeling--that’s your zone of genius! The “Beating Yourself Up” is a learned response to what you’ve been told about yourself. The “Worry About the Future” is also a learned behaviour of thinking that you are not capable of handling things because you are sensitive, when in fact you are a super ninja at handling just about anything!

  2. Pure Connection: Lean into who you are by connecting to your True Self. Spend time writing out your characteristics and traits as an empath. Make sure you word these all as a strength even if you previously thought they were “bad”. For example, feeling the emotions of others like they are yours. You are actually extremely skilled at knowing others and how to help them. This is a strength, meaning you are strong enough to feel the pain of others. 

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