Here is Why People Pleasers Have Trouble Using their Intuition to Attract a Loving Relationship (And What to Do to Instead)

Jan 27, 2021

You Are Too Overwhelmed by Other People 

What I know to be true as a Healer who Empowers People Pleasers to love themselves and have loving relationships is that People Pleasers are very intuitive. In fact, they have highly developed abilities as an empath and feel other people’s emotions so much that they are practically living inside other people's bodies. The problem is their intuition gets drowned out by other people’s emotions and experiences; they spend much of their time getting back to themselves, if at all.  

You Listen to the Saboteur in Your Head

Another issue is that People Pleasers have a history of being made wrong or their feelings and experiences have been denied. They internalize an inner critic that is so loud it becomes the only voice they follow for guidance. In other words, they follow the voice that says, “you can never have love” instead of the gentle voice that says, “you deserve to be cherished.”

You Are Filled With Self-Doubt

Because People Pleasers are so sensitive and usually have a lack of self-esteem, they doubt their own ability to tune in and trust themselves. They have a hard time trusting others so they naturally also mistrust their inner guidance, their intuition. If they receive a message to go on a date with the nice man at the bookstore, they immediately wonder if it’s a trap. Is this real or am I going to get my heart broken? There is so much humming and hawing that the moment passes and the opportunity is lost. This leads to more self-doubt about the guidance that came in because it doesn’t result in good things happening. 

Invite Your Intuition In

  1. Be aware of all the times you followed the gentle nudge and it turned out great. Write down at least 25 times you’ve done this.
  2. Make an intention that you are open to your intuition and you want to listen to it. Ask for guidance and support to do this. Follow the breadcrumbs that come up.
  3. Find support to work through the fears and self-doubt that plague your life. You are ready for love and you need to face these fears and not let them run your life anymore. You know that you are powerful and intuitive--why not take a few steps towards that truth now?

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