Here is How to Have More Love & Intimacy in Your Life (Whether You’re Single or in a Relationship)

Feb 24, 2021

The pandemic has been amplifying the feelings of isolation and loneliness for a lot of people. If you’re sensitive to begin with, this sense of disconnection can be overwhelming. That’s why I wanted to give you some tips on how to create more love and intimacy in your life (whether you’re alone or with someone).


What is Intimacy?

The classic definition is “closeness, familiarity”. We achieve closeness by allowing others and ourselves to be close. That can be said another way: not keeping people at arm’s length. During these times we can’t physically be close, but that is not what I’m referring to. Closeness and intimacy is a feeling of safety, common ground and sharing a moment together.

I understand that there are many factors that go into trusting someone to be close to you emotionally and in other ways. You may not feel ready to open your heart completely to someone or to family members. Yet. 

Start small and pick your situations. For example, you can start with animals. If you don’t have pets you can go into nature and have intimate moments with birds and squirrels. Have you ever made eye contact with animals and felt that deep connection and familiarity? That is intimacy! 

There is another mindset shift I can offer you that has served me well: the more you open your heart, the stronger you become and the more you are able to speak your truth and put up boundaries.  

Speak from the Heart, Literally

Each time you prepare to speak or you’re presented with an opportunity to foster closeness with someone, take a breath and consciously make an intention to tune into your heart. Silently ask your heart to do the speaking for you. Then just open your mouth and speak. Believe me, you’ll be very surprised! The heart is a genius at creating intimate, authentic moments that string together into more loving relationships and friendships. Do not disregard this as too simplistic. I have witnessed miraculous shifts in my own life and the lives of my clients from this technique alone. 

Be Aware of Your Emotions 

Sharing with others and fostering a close relationship with yourself requires you to know more about yourself. Really knowing yourself. How often do you take the time to ask yourself: how am I feeling? What do I need to feel nourished and supported? And then following through with that. 

This is the first step in being close to anyone and to prepare yourself to call in new relationships and friendships. Take time to check in each morning with these questions and commit to fulfilling them for you. You will be better able to communicate with others this way and generate the intimacy and love you may wish for. 


Find those in Need 

If you feel lonely and disconnected, the fastest way to reconnect is to offer love and support to someone else. It can be volunteering, giving donations to your favourite charity or clearing some time to listen to others. This will open your heart and create a bond of closeness. 

What will you do today to start fostering more love and intimacy in your life? Share below!

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