Welcome to the Daisy Bunch! Please read this statement of what I stand for and what I stand against before joining any of my programs or my community

What I stand for:

I am an anti-racist white woman committed to longterm learning with the intention of dismantling my white privilege and the systemic racist structures of white supremacy, to uplift and support  Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC), through action, speaking out against injustices, donating money to BIPOC supporting organizations, hiring BIPOC staff and contractors and financially buying from BIPOC run businesses. 

  • Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Lives Matter, People of Colour Lives Matter, LGBTQQIP2SAA Lives Matter

  • Human rights as a bare minimum

  • Love, equality, justice, equity, peace

  • Organic food and farming--accessible to all

  • GMO labelling on foods

  • Small businesses, making money--accessible to all

  • Animal rights

  • Energy healing

  • Food as medicine

  • Body is a self-healing mechanism

  • Mother Earth

  • Being yourself

What I will not tolerate and I stand against:

  • White supremacy, racism, bigotry, 

  • Sexism, misogyny

  • Victim blaming 

  • Prejudice, hatred

  • War

  • Animal abuse

  • GMOs

  • Oil sands, destroying the earth for profit

  • Big pharma, overmedicating patients

  • Factory farming

  • Processed foods with harmful ingredients

  • Food deserts, inaccessibility of nourishing foods

  • Cancer causing agents in our food, water and household products 

  • Suppressing renewable energy sources

  • Suppressing professionals from speaking up about dangerous products or processes

If you're vibing with all this then I invite you to get to join me!

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